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Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough

Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough Solution!  This is the full step-by-step walkthrough solution to help you solve the point-and-click room escape game: Crime Scene Investigation.  This is the 505th escape game from 123bee.com.  If you are stuck and need help, then this guide will assist you to escape alive!

Crime Scene Investigation Walkthrough Starts Here:
After the intro, your adventure starts in the dining room:

Take the piece of paper from the yellow bench under the dining room table.
Take the smoke pipe from the ashtray on the table.
Take the shawl scarf from the chair in the lounge area at the back.
Take the leather belt from the couch at the back.
Take the golden watch from the floor just left of the table at the step to the lounge..

Go right to the master bedroom where the murder has been committed.

Take the pair of glasses from the bed.
Take the ring from the top left drawer.
Take the piece of paper from the top right drawer.
Take the bracelet from the floor in front of the left beside drawer.

Go right to the study

Take the piece of paper from under the box, on top of the set of drawers on the right.
Open the drawer under the couch and take the silver key.
Take the dustbin

Zoom in on the dustbin, move the trash around, take 2 pieces of paper and the pen drive.

Go right to the guest bedroom

Take the black hat  from the bed.
Move the clothes hanging at the window, then take the coat.
Take the mobile phone from the small table at the window.
Take the piece of paper  from the left beside table.

Zoom in on a paper piece and add the rest:

Spider Leg - 8
Love birds - 2
Zodiac - 12

Go left to the master bedroom
Zoom in on the laptop
Switch the laptop on
Insert the pendrive at the bottom right.

Enter the password 8212 (Clue from the pieces of paper)  Hint: This password will only work if you zoomed into the completed combined pieces of paper with the clue as per above.

Open the folder by double-clicking it.
Enter the name JULIE to continue (Hint: You will see parts of this name on the image)
Now zoom in on the picture top left.

You will see all the parts you need:
bracelet, watch, hat, mobile, glasses, shawl, pipe, ring, coat, belt

Go to the office
Open the display cabinet using the silver key

Take the bottom-middle photo.

Zoom in on the photo.

Add the items to the people (I have numbered them 1 to 4 from left to right)
Add the shawl to #4  (hotspot is on the shawl on the photo)
Add the pipe to #1 (hotspot is on his pipe)
Add the bracelet to #3
Add the watch to #4
Add the hat to #1
Add the ring to #1 (hotspot is his left hand)
Add the coat to #2
Add the belt to #3
Add the mobile to #4
Add the glasses to #2

You have identified the suspects.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Thank you kind Sir for the walkthrough. You must be an expert crime scene investigator. Did you get your training from CSI? Well done and good bye.

  2. Thank you very much for posting the solution to crime scene investigation. I could not spot the "JULIE" in the image on the computer. Now that you gave the answer, it looks rather obvious!