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Hurry and Escape! Space. Walkthrough

Hurry and Escape Space Walkthrough solution.  The full step-by-step solution to the point-and-click room escape game: Hurry And Escape Space.  If you are stuck, then this guide is for you!  Help, tips, tricks, and detailed explanations provided.  If you need even more help, then comment below.  You can play Hurry and Escape Space here.

Hurry and Escape Space Walkthrough starts here -->
You have 29 seconds to escape... Better hurry!

Zoom in on the door knob panel.
Change the colors to match the colors connected to the oxygen tanks.  Notice the tank numbers.
1 = yellow
2 = red
3 = green
4 = blue

The door will open and you can escape to the next level!

Pick up the screwdriver on the bottom n-shaped pipe.
Pick up the black electrical tape on the floor, left of the green crates.
Zoom in on the door knob panel
Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws
Fix the green wires
Use the black tape to secure the connection
Close the cover
Click the blue area below the red button to open the door and escape.

Take the fuse from the pipe above the door and another behind the monitors on the right.
Move the chairs on the left to get the 3rd fuse
Zoom in on the door knob panel
Insert the 3 fuses
Press the red button
Escape the level!

Zoom in on the window panel
Notice the size of the stars:

Zoom in on the door knob panel
Click the blue buttons in the order of the stars from small to big:
Bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right, top.
Press the red button and the level will be solved!

Zoom in on the monitor
Notice the color graph:

blue - 6
green - 3
red - 1
purple - 2
yellow - 2

On the right you will notice green, red, purple, yellow, so no blue.
Turn each tap wheel so that all of the colors matches blue.  So, turn green 3 times, red 5 times, purple 4 times, yellow 4 times.  You can check your progress on the monitor.
Once all of the colors are on 6, you can open the hatch in the floor and escape.

Open the green crate and get the flashlight.
Shine the flashlight on the wall, and search for 5 purple buttons.  Press the button when you see it.

Once you pressed all 5, you can open the door with the door knob panel and escape.

Take the CD from the bottom right corner of the pillows.
Zoom in on the blue monitor and insert the CD
Press continue
Press power
Look at the 4 Roman Numerals
Zoom in on the door knob keypad
Enter the 4 numbers form the Roman Numerals: 5396

Click on the handle on the pipe from the blue tank to start the flame
Click the red lock on the green crate to open it using the flame
Take the wrench from the crate
Take the wheel from the wing of the aircraft.  It is the top right part of the "black-chain"
Attach the missing wheel
Tighten it with the wrench
Notice the color changes on the craft:  red black yellow
Click the craft so that it moves to the right.

Click the door knob panel
Change the colors to red black yellow
Open the door and escape!

Take the pliers on the crate on the very right
Use the pliers to break the glass covering the gravity lever.
Pull the gravity lever
Move the "gravity lever" sign.
You will now see 3 red buttons.  Press all 3.
Zoom in on the door knob panel.
Press the red button and escape!

Open the panel in the wall in the center
Take the screwdriver
Use the screwdriver to open the bottom cover of the X-box on the left.
Take the strange tube inside.
Look at the tube.

Now reverse all the red switches  (tap all of them from top to bottom)
Click the big switch

Click on the blue beam to escape away.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.
Lets hope for a safe landing.

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