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Escape from Pirates Island Walkthrough

Escape from Pirates Island Walkthrough solution - the full instruction manual on how to solve this point-and-click room escape game.  Play the game here.  Detailed step-by-step instructions with tips, hints, and detailed explanations.  If you are stuck in Pirates Island, then this walkthrough will help you escape... alive!

About Escape from Pirates Island Game:  The 510th escape game from 123bee.com Guys!! Myself smith, i planned a research trip. As per my plan I started the journey in ship. All of a suddenly the ship got crashed and the sea waves took me to an island. You know what? The island looks very strange. A group of people are coming, who are they? Oh no! They were pirates. If I caught, they will kill me. I want to escape, gosh! I can see a ship over there. I need your help to escape, will you……?

Escape from Pirates Island Walkthrough starts here:
You start the Pirate Island escape from the beach leisure area.

Look in the sand at the right edge of the blanket.  Take the blue sea star.

Go right

Take the white pen from the grass, bottom left area.
Take the bone from, the red ground.
Zoom in on the bone, open it, then take the token.
Take the spade on the statue.
Take some fruit from the tree above the statue.

Zoom in on the tree on the bottom right.
Give the fruit to the blue birdie.
The bird will fly away, now you can take another token.

Go back left.

Zoom in on the area just right of the cave entrance
Use the pin to lift the rock

Take the brown box.

Zoom into the bush, just right of this rock you lifted.

Take the knife and hammer

Zoom into the bush just left of the cave opening
Use the knife to retrieve the underwater token.

Go right

Zoom in on the dirt just below the statue
Use the spade to lift the rock

Take the brown box.

Go right to the pirate ship

Zoom in on the red crab, move the crab, take the token.
Take the orange and pink stars on the left side.
Zoom in on the steering wheel far in front, then take the token from it.

Zoom in and open the floor panel just left of the mast pole.

Take the brown box.

Zoom in on the sealed barrel
Use the hammer to take the nails out

Take the 4th brown box.

Zoom in on the door below the steering wheel
Insert the 3 colored stars
The door will open.  Enter the Pirate Captains' Cabin.

Open the chest and take the 5th brown box.
Take the tablecloth from under the candle
Zoom in on the painting and take a token
Take the key from the top shelf
Open the dressing table drawer with this key.  Take the 6th brown box and pink star inside.

Zoom in on the brown boxes
Insert the 6 tokens. (Hint: each token has a specific spot, so keep trying different boxes until each token fits)

Take the 6 pieces inside the boxes.

Look at the tablecloth.

You should recognize this from the 1st scene.
Go out and all the way left.

Zoom in on the cave door.
Insert the pink star into the door.
Insert the 6 pieces

Your boat will drift down and you will escape!

Congratulations on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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  1. I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well!