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Frozen Santa Escape Walkthrough

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions to help you solve the Frozen Santa Escape game.  This point-and-click room escape game is medium easy and will probably take you between 30 and 40 minutes to solve.  If you are stuck, then this walkthrough will assist you to escape.  Tips, hints, help and detailed explanations provided in this guide.

About Frozen Santa Escape: The 508th escape game from 123bee.com. Christmas is upon us!!! But,there is no sign of Santa Claus.. Where is Santa Claus..? Poor Santa Claus forget himself and got frozen in the north pole. Gather the necessary items to give life to Santa Claus. Now, its your time!! Take up the role to bring back the Christmas Spirit.  Play Frozen Santa Escape Here.

Frozen Santa Escape Walkthrough starts here:
You start your escape outside the wooden cottage.

Pick up the wooden box from the right-side fence.
Pick up the red glove from the chimney roof.

Go right to the small cottage:

Pick up the bell piece decoration from the snow in the footsteps.
Take the gold coin from the "A" in X-MAS on the snow.
Take the brush from the dirt in front of the house.
Take the piece from the roof.

Go right to the bigger cottage:

Take the bell from the snow in front of the near tree.
Take the piece from the snow between this same tree and the cottage.
Take the piece from the cottage roof
Take the bell piece from the bottom left side of the cottage.

Zoom in on the fence.  Use the brush to clear the gold.   Take the gold coin.
Do the same to retrieve the other gold coin from the fence.

Zoom in to the rough snow the right of the cottage.
Use the brush to clear, then take the shoe.

Go right to the big snowman

Retrieve the second shoe from the snow, just left of the snowman.  Use the brush.
Take the Christmas Hat from underneath the snowman's hat.
Take the shovel from the snow, in the bottom right corner.
Take a golden coin from the snowman, in his middle black button.
Take the gift from the snow, just below the cottage.

Open the gift, and take the golden coin inside.
You will now have 5 golden coins.

Zoom in on the wooden box in your inventory.
Insert the 5 golden coins

Take the bottle.

Zoom in on the bell
Add the bell piece
Add the other bell piece
Take the complete bell.

Go left.
Zoom in on the ice-puddle-patch on the left.
Use the showel to remove the ice

Take the pot.

Go all the way left.
Zoom in on the tree on the very right.
Use the bottle on the tree

Take the Santa Dress.

Go right to the small cottage.
Zoom in on the tree on the right
Use the bottle on the tree
Take the glove.

Go left.
Zoom in on the big tree on the very left.
Use the bottle on the tree.
Now you can see Santa.

Zoom in on Santa.
Give Santa the hat, gloves and 2 shoes.
Give Santa his dress.
Use the pot on Santa...
Santa will go to his sleigh

Give Santa his bell.
He will ring and open the compartment:

Take the sack.

Zoom in on the 2 reindeer on this screen.  Use the sack on them, and take the deer.

Go left, and get 2 more reindeer.
Go left, and get 2 more reindeer.
Go left, and get the last 2 reindeer.

Go all the way right then zoom into the sleigh.
Add all 8 reindeer in front of Santa on his sleigh.
Add the 3 pieces to complete the sleigh.

Santa can now go off and deliver all the toys!

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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