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WOW Escape from Cave Walkthrough

WOW Escape from Cave Walkthrough solution with detailed steps and explanations.  A step-by-step walkthrough guide including tips and tricks.  If you are stuck in the cave, then this walkthrough will give you all the instructions on how to escape... alive!

About WOW Escape from Cave: Escape from Cave is a type of point and click new escape game developed by wowescape.com. You are trapped inside of a dangerous cave. This place looks haunted. So many Scary noises are echoing. Horrible moment for you. You don't know where is way to out from there and no one near to helping you out. It's a great challenge for you. Find some useful objects and hints to escape from the dangerous cave. Good Luck and Have Fun!   Play the game here.

WOW Escape from Cave Walkthrough starts here:
You start this WOW Escape from the cave entrance:
The plate top right is where we will later insert 6 golden coins.  Nothing to do here right now.
Go up left

Pick up the golden coin from the floor on the left.
Look at the order for the rock paintings on the left:
Go forward

Take the paper note from the rock on the left.  Read the note so see the order for the golden coins.

Go right

Take the hammer at the bottom left side.
Notice the arrows on the statue arm: up, down, down

Go left

Hit the circular panel on the floor with the hammer to let the light through
Take the gem from the top left bat.

Go left and insert this gem in the plate on the left:
We need 2 more of these gems.
Go right, down, down, right

Take a golden coin top left side.

Go right

Zoom in on the puzzle box and adjust the bottom 3 levers up, down, down (as per the clue from the statue)

Go left.  The locker is open:

Take the gem inside.

Go right, right

Take the shovel.
Take a golden coin from the top middle area.
Look at the colored circles

From top to bottom: blue, yellow, red, green.

Go right

Tap the tortoise. He will return with a golden coin. Take it.
Take another coin from the water, bottom right area.
Take the bone from the sand, bottom left.
Zoom in on the code 5894 on the dirt on the other side of the water.

Go left, left

Use the shovel to move the big rock

Take the rock-art picture.
Move the smaller rocks just right of this big rock.  Take a golden coin.

Go left, down, left, up, left
Open the top locker with the code 5894.

Take the rock-art picture.

Go right, right, right
Zoom in on the plate with the 4 circles.  Change the colors to blue, yellow, red, green as per the clue where you found the shovel
Take the golden key.

Go left, left, down, down, right, right
Open the locked rock with the golden key

Take the gem.

Go left, down, left, forward
Zoom in on the disk with a picture of a bone.
Insert the bone

Take the rock art picture.

Go left.
Insert the other 2 gems
You will see the code 9748:

Go right, down, down, right

Open the locker with the code 9748

Take the rock art picture.

Go down.
Insert the 6 golden coins in the plate on the wall.
Check the paper note for the order
Take the rock art picture inside.

Go right.

Zoom in on the the top right rock plate and insert the rock art in the correct order, according tot the artwork in the cave passage.

Take the 2 eyes.

Go right, right, right, right

Zoom in on the face
Insert the 2 eyes

WOW, you escaped.
Well done on a great escape.  Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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