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Killer Escape Walkthrough

Killer Escape Walkthrough
Killer Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with detailed solutions to solve killer escape.  Step by step guide with screen prints and explanations to the puzzles.  Help, hints, tips.

Warning: This room escape game contains mature themes, digital blood, and scary moments.

About Killer Escape:
Killer Escape is a dark and creepy escape game in which you're being held captive by a serial killer. Explore your cell as you look for clues and items that are scattered all around you. To escape your cell, you will have to figure out the purpose of these items. Some items will be in different spots each time that you play.  This Killer Escape Walkthrough is based on the Windows Platform Version (available for free here), but for other platforms like android or iOS, the walk-though will be very similar with some minor screen print changes.
A scary point-and-click room escape adventure game, created by Psionic Games.

You can watch some animated scenes and then you need to escape... fast!

Killer Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the cell.

Throughout the escape you will find 6 notes which tell you a story and give you some hints.  Scroll down to "Step Notes:" for instructions on where to find all the notes.

Step 1:  Get the items you need in your cell, then open the vent.

Move the board leaning against the wall.
Take the screwdriver hidden on a pipe top right.

Use the screwdriver to open the brick on your right.
Take the roll of tape.

Zoom in on the dog food on the floor in front of you.
Open the tins and take the locker key.

Study the picture on the wall on the right.  Remember where the X's are on the 3x3 grid of photos.

Go left.
Search the dead rat on the floor against the wall.

Take the key from inside.
Use the screwdriver to retrieve the pipe from the ceiling.

Go left.
Look at the "random letters" on the wall.

Notice the zero on the very right.  This is a clue we will use later.

Open the spiderweb in the top left corner.

Take the red fuse.

Go right and zoom in on the vent in the lower left corner.
Unscrew with the screwdriver.

Enter the vent.

Step 2:  Get the items from the boiler room.

Pick up the fuel can to the left of the boiler.

Go left.

Open the spider web in the bottom right corner.

Take the green fuse.

Zoom in on the table.
Solve this easy puzzle by rotating the notes and place them in the correct position.  If you are correct, you can zoom out and back in and it will be nicely centered for you:

The clues read:
The first is a dozen divided by 2 (12 / 2 = 6)
The second us the total of me vs you (1 + 1 = 2)
The third isn't even a number at all. You'll fins it in the writing on the wall.  (Zero)

Look at the cooling diagram on the wall.  We will use this later at the cooling system.

Remember the switches:
Top Row: Up Down Up
Middle: Down, Down
Bottom: Up, Up, unknown

Open the Storage door using the keypad on the left.
Press the 3x3 grid as per the X's on the photo pictures.

Enter the storage area.

Go right to the lockers

Open the spider web in the lower right corner

Take the blue fuse.

Examine the lockers.
Open them all using the locker key.
A body will fall out of one of them.
Search the body
Take the yellow fuse from the hand.

Move the picture of the woman on the right.

Look at the safe.
Use the combination 6,2,0 to open.  (From the clues on the table)
Tap the center when the correct number appears. If you are correct, you will see a red light going on, then continue to the next number.  If you make a mistake, start the safe over.

Take the wheel key and the note

Go back to the boiler room and look at the boiler dials.

To win the game, we need to build up pressure to blow up the boiler.
Fail-safes, pressure stabilization, valve regulators, cooling system, and overdrive level

Step 3:  Fix the Fail-safes.

You need to find 4  Fail-safe Relay switches.

Use the tape roll on them when in the down position to lock them down.

1. In the corner in your cell.

2. Boiler room on the right wall.

3. Storage room on the left wall where you entered.

4. Locker room, top right wall.

Done!  You can look at the dial on the boiler to see it is in the red.

Step 4: Fix the pressure stabilization

From the big boiler, look left.
Zoom in on the wheels and pipes on the right wall.

Your task is to get the pressure to reach critical levels.
Look at the pipe where the air blows out.  Then turn the valve on that same pipe.
If you are correct, the pressure goes up.  If you somehow make a mistake, the pressure drops again.
Continue until the dial is in the red.

Done! Pressure stabilization is in the red.

Step 5: Fix the valve regulators
Find 4 number of pressure valves and get them to reach critical levels.

Turn the valve anti-clock-wise and keep turning until pressure in the red.  It takes some practice to get it right!

1. In the cell, next to the rat.

2. Next to the big boiler.

3. In the store room on the right.

4. In the locker room on the left.

Done!  The valve regulators in the red!

Step 6: Fix the cooling system.

Enter the store room.
Look at the switches on your right.

Adjust them to get the green light go red.
You need to adjust them according to the diagram you saw earlier.
Here is the solution:

Cooling system sorted!

Step 7: Fix the overdrive level

Enter the store room and go to the overdrive generator on the left.

Fill the fuel tank using the red fuel tank on the top fuel opening.
Add the missing metal pipe on the right.
Open the control panel.
Add the 4 fuses (From top to bottom: red, green, blue, yellow)
Use the key to start the ignition
Exit the control panel.

Attach the key wheel on the top left.

Go to the boiler to check all is done.

All is ready!!

Step 8: Grand finale.

Go back to the generator in the storage room.
Turn the wheel...

Big explosion!

Killer has been killed.

Well done on a great escape!

Step Notes:

Here is the location of all the notes you find in the game.  They give some gory information about the story line and some contains hints.

1. Where you start the game, next to the dog food. "If anyone finds this message..."
2. Turn left where you start, under the brick in the top right corner. "He tortures us every night..."
3. In the boiler room, move the brick next to the boiler.  "Don't let him find these notes..."
4. In the storage box, middle on the top shelf,  in the storage area.  "He calls himself 'the burner'..."
5. On top of the left locker in the locker room.  "He keeps saying 'I'm not like the others..."
6. Inside the safe behind the woman's picture.  "He keeps reminding us that there is no escape..."


  1. where is the tape roll?

    1. Hi! The tape roll is located right where you start in the cell. There is a loose brick and you open it using the screwdriver that you find elsewhere.

      Have fun!

    2. hi you first look to the top (the cell) and get the screw driver and then you will see a loose brick you use the screwdriver to open it then you will see a tape roll get it.

    3. i have done everything and there is written 'I cant blow it until everything is done'

    4. you probably missed a valve or something

  2. how do I insert the key into the generator panel if it keeps saying start generator if it is connected?

    1. hi there you have to get the metal pipe where you first start (the cell) with a screw driver its at the top and put it on the other metal pipe. hope this helps!!

    2. Where does the pipe go? I added the wheel to the generator but it says "I can't blow it till everything is done"

    3. Look over to your right an you see an empty spot to connect the pipe to. Also,make sure to fill it with fuel so it works. bye now

    4. where can i find the locker key?

    5. in the dog food can

  3. where is the missing pipe for the genetarot?

    1. Hi. The pipe is in the ceiling, above the dead rat in the cell where you start. You use the screwdriver to retrieve it. Good luck!

  4. the key valve wont turn!

    1. hi its becasue you havent got the metal pipe!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. where is the pipe ?

    1. In the ceiling above the dead rat, close to where you started. You use the screwdriver to retrieve the pipe.

  7. Replies
    1. hi where you start... you first look to the top (the cell) and get the screw driver and then you will see a loose brick you use the screwdriver to open it then you will see a tape roll get it.

  8. Hii thegenetor panelre how to use the small key and what key is use to

  9. where can i find the green fuse ?

    1. Search above for "green fuse", and you will find it! In the boiler room, go left. Search the spider web.

  10. i opened ll the spider webs but still i din't find the red fuse, what do i do??

    1. there is one on the door by the boiler. That is where the red fuse is

  11. there is no green fuse in the right bottom corner in boiler room. I opened spider web but there is no green fuse

  12. how can i open the vault?

  13. where is the 5th note?????

  14. full tank ka rambo ka

  15. This helped me a lot! Thanks!

  16. I clicked on every single spider web, and yet I still don't have the blue fuse... Where's the catch? Could anyone get me a passable explanation?

    1. Did you check the lockers? There's a dead body in the lockers and in the dead bodies hand is a fuse.. don't know if it's the blue fuse but i helped XD

  17. This walkthrough is missing two notes. There are a total of eight, not six.

    1. storage room, boxes: there are 2 notes, not 1 and there is one next to the overdrive generator

  18. i cant find the blue fuse anywhere

  19. where is the green fuse?

  20. Does anyone know where the blue fuse is? I checked the spider web in the right corner but it was empty. Help?

    1. Oh nevermind, I found it, if anyone was wondering, the spider web is in the storage room, above the switches.

  21. still cant find the red fuse

  22. I can't find the green fuse, help?

    1. Just look up "Killer Escape Walkthrough" but dont go all the way to the end so they wont spoil it for you..

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  24. where is the pipe for the generator

    1. The pipe is where you start.. in the cell next to the loose brick look up and you use the screw driver to take it.. your welcome!

    2. it wont let me put the tape in but I've put all the fuses in and put in the gas and the wheel pipe

    3. it wont let me put the key in but I've put all the fuses in and the wheel pipe and the gas

  25. checked every spider web and there is no green fuse

  26. It say the over drive switch is inactive how do I get it to be the same? I have everything I believe

  27. when i open the spider webs there are no fucking fuses

  28. it says that the spiderweb that the red fused suppose to be in is empty what am i supposed to do now i have everything done but that

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I think some version of the game is bugged when it comes to the fuses! I got all spider webs, three fuses and no blue one ... wished they fixed it though, it's really frustrating ... for once I thought I solved one of these games on my own ... :(

  31. Just wanted to point out that some version of the game is bugged, it's missing one of the fuses, so if you've searched everywhere and still couldn't find them, just play the game on a different website like on Jayisgames.com.

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  34. I looked every where and i still can't find the red fuse. What do i do?!?!?!?!

    1. You fucking idot. You go on another damn website. you piece of shit.

  35. savage not averageFebruary 2, 2018 at 6:09 PM

    You fucking idiot. You damn piece of shit. I can't figure it out either