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Egyptian Queen Escape Walkthrough

Egyptian Queen Escape Walkthrough
Egyptian Queen Escape Solution

Here is the full walkthrough with step by step instructions to solve the Egyptian Queen Escape.  A room-escape game hosted on 123Bee.com.    The 423rd escape game from 123bee.com. Your lover is trapped in the one of the old Egyptian palaces and you will have to escape from the palace by finding objects, hints and using them accordingly to escape!

Egyptian Queen Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You start on the outside of the big Faro statue

Take the Egyptian key that lay on the sand bottom left.

Go forward to the door.
Use the key to open:


Zoom in on the right skull picture, move it and take the key.
Take the skull candle on the right.

Go left into the dark hall.

Zoom in on the first chest against the wall on the left.
Use the key to open.

Take the machete knife.

Go right, and right again.

Take the hammer from the ground on the left.
Zoom in on the door and place the knife in the door.
Click the door to rotate

Take the sword knife.

Go back, then left, left, left.

Take one of the brown baskets.
Zoom in on the door and place the knife in position.

Take the lit torch and the key

Zoom out and go right.
Zoom in on the middle chest on the right.
Open the chest.

Take the second lit torch.

Zoom out and go right.

Zoom in on the center.
Place the two lit torches in the hands of the statue
Use the candle to light.

It will explode the stomach of the statue.

Zoom in on the hole, then place the basket on the beetle scarabs.
Use the hammer on the one that escaped.

Take the beetle

Go right.  Then right again.

Zoom in on the Feb-14 sign.

Solve the sliding puzzle.

Hint:  First do the top row.  Then work from left-to-right doing 2 rows at a time.
Zoom out of the puzzle
Zoom in on the black beetle bottom left.
Place the beetle on the black beetle.
Slide the 4 beetles tile open.

Take the gun and the puzzle piece.
Zoom in on the Feb-14 puzzle and place the missing corner piece.

The door to your lover will open.

Use your gun and shoot the 2 sides next to your lover.
She will fly off.
Zoom in on ground next to your gun

Take the 3 red-and-grey beetles.

Go left and left.
Zoom in on the 3-beetle door

Replace the 3 beetles.
The door will open.
And you will find your lover.

Well done on a great escape!

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