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Escape the Shack Walkthrough

Escape the Shack Walkthrough
Escape the Shack Solution

Full walkthrough solution to help you solve Escape the Shack.  This guide contains help, tips, hints, and explanations to all the puzzles in the point-and-click room escape game.  This is the 6th escaape game from Afro-Ninja, created by Shawn Tanner.

About Escape the Shack:
We only know a couple of things... one, you are trapped in a shack. Two, you have got to get out, quick! Use your smarts, click everything, and with a little luck and maybe some Morse Code you will maybe get out. Big maybe.

Explore, Collect, Combine, Think, Solve.

Escape the Shack walkthrough starts here:

You start at the grey door of the shack.

The windows are barred and the door is locked.
Go left to the room with 5 52 on the wall:

Pick up the Morse code chart from the floor.
Read it to learn Morse code:

Go right then right again to the telegraph room.

Look at the window and you will see the lighthouse is broadcasting an SOS.
Read the sign on the wall.
Zoom in on the 3 dashes to read the red lines:

"Letters = PIES.  Start at the first PIE in "HIGH" then count every ten pies... toe see a message for keen eyes"
So, on the message, start with H and write every 10th letter:

Zoom in on the telegraph machine and take a repeater.
Send "helpisontheway" using the telegraph to send Morse code.
You need to pause a few seconds after each letter.  Wait till the letter appear on the screen before you start the next.   Use the delete button next to the telegrapher to erase a mistake.

If you have "helpisontheway" on the screen, then you can take the small key.

Close the blind.

Go right to the sea chart room.

Pick up the battery from the floor.
Zoom in on the sea chart and take 3 repeaters.
Zoom in on the lighthouse and use the small key to open.

Take the golden key.

Go right.
Look at the code on the wall: 5752

Go right to he start room and open the grey door with the golden key.

Enter 5752 on the keypad.

Take the 2 bulbs and the repeater.

Go back in.

Go left to the chart room.

Zoom in on the power box on the left.
Solve the puzzle by turning the 4 circles as per the instructions:

If correct the light goes green and you can open.
Change the power so the green on the right is lighten up.
You need to change the grid so that all 4 incoming lines to the green are on:

Power is now diverted from the telegraph to the chart.
Take the green wires hanging on the right.

Zoom in on the chart.
Add the small bulb to the lighthouse.

Add the repeaters so that you channel the lights to the boat.

Make a flashlight by combining the battery, wires, and big bulb.

Go right to the room with the 5752 on the wall.
Enter the panel.
Use the flashlight to you can see there is a boat.

Enter the boat to escape.

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed this free-of-charge walkthrough.

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