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Cartoonic House Escape Walkthrough

Cartoonic House Escape Walkthrough
Cartoonic House Escape Solution

Here is the full walkthrough solution for the point-and-click escape game: Caroonic house escape.  Tips, hints, and end-to-end guide to help you solve the mystery to escape the cartoonic house.  Detailed explanations to the puzzles in the game provided.

About Cartoonic House Escape: The 461st escape game from 123bee.com. Someone has locked you inside the Cartoonic House. but no one is there to help you. Find the clues and objects, use them in order to escape this place.  If you are stuck, then this walkthrough is for you!


You start in the lounge.

Take the pink paper-clip pin from the white coffee table.
Take the paper piece from the hunters-green couch.
Take the paper piece from the brown couch.
Take the metal piece from the brown chair
Take the metal piece from next to the fire place (lower right corner).

Go right to the kitchen/study open-plan area.

Take a paper piece from the bottom right shelf.
Take the candy bar from the bottom middle shelf.
Take a metal piece from the middle-right shelf.
Take a metal piece from the floor in front of the lower left cupboard.
Take the golden key from the blue vase on the top shelf.

Go right to the green bedroom

Take the red balloon pump from the floor.
Take a paper piece from edge of the bed, next to the computer desk.
Take the metal piece from under the monitor on the desk.

Open the brown drawer using the golden key.

Take the lighter.

Take the yellow bottle from the top right shelf

Go right to the dining room.

Open the purple refrigerator and take a cool drink.
Take a paper piece from the top of the wall clock.

Zoom in on the yellow bottle.
Add the cool drink.
Add the candy.

Take the little box that pops out.
Open the box to get a balloon.

Open the green locked cupboard using the red pin.

Take the bowl from inside.

Zoom in on a paper piece
Add all the other pieces
If you had enough, you will see code 935

Go to the kitchen and open the combination lock drawer with the code 935

Take the blue marker.

Go to the lounge where you started.
Zoom in on the right-most window.
Use the blue marker to write Loose.
The window will open and you will get code 35007

Go to the green bedroom and open the top yellow cupboard with the code 35007

Take the key pattern.

Zoom in on the balloon
Add the pump
Look at the colors: Green, Red, Blue.

Go to the kitchen and open the top cupboard with the code Green Red Blue.

Take the gas torch.
Zoom in on the gas torch.
Use the lighter to start it.

Take the gas torch.

Zoom in on the bowl.
Add the metal pieces.
If you added all of them, they will drop into the bowl,
Use the gas torch on the bowl.

Take the bowl.

Zoom in on the key pattern
Add the bowl full of molten metal

Take the key

Zoom in on the "jail" window of the kitchen.
Use the gas torch to cut the bars

Take the ID card.

Go right and right again to the dining room.
Zoom in on the brown double-doors
Zoom in on the ID Card reader.
Scan the ID

Use the key on the door.

Well done on a great escape!
You you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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