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Rain Escape 2 Walkthrough

Rain Escape 2 Walkthrough
Rain Escape 2 Solution

Full walkthrough with detailed solutions in this guide.  Step-by-step instructions on how to solve.  All the explanations you need to solve the puzzles and escape the rain!  A game by Twinkle.

Play the Windows version here.

You start at the front door:

Tap the umbrella.  We will use these colors & letter combinations later.

Go right.

Take the hammer.

Zoom in on the area just left of the pink safe.
Take the snail letter.
Study the pink part that stays behind.  It shows the top of the rainbow is the top of the music stave.  We will use this hint later...

Go right.

Take the snail.

Study the green leaves from the flower pot.  They all point either top-left, top-right, bottom-left, or bottom-right.  You need to tap the painting corners in the same order as the leaves, from left to right.

So, tap the top painting as follows:
bottom-left, top-left, bottom-left, bottom-left
Top-right, bottom-right.

If done correctly, the painting will move to the right.

Take the blue raindrop.

Study the colors of the flowers in the flower pot:
blue, purple, blue, blue, purple, purple.  We will use this later...

Go left.

Select the snail-mail from the inventory and tap "about item".
Select the snail and tap the letter.

The snail will write "923" for you.  This must be the code!

Use the code 923 on the safe, then tap just left of the numbers to open.

Take the pink raindrop.

Use the device on the right by tapping the blue and purple "eyes" in the order of the colors of the flowers we recorded earlier:
Tap them as follows:  blue, purple, blue, blue, purple, purple
Tap blue again? and you will see a rainbow with the key at the bottom.

Take the key.

Use the key to open the top of the safe.
Open the door, then take the bag with sperm.

Look at the colors of the rainbow.  Not the standard red-to-purple.  We will use the color order later.  Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

Go right twice.  You are now in the music room:

Use the bag of sperm (or are they toads?) on the top of the water-bowl-o-music.
They will swim down and form the notes on the stave.

Remember the pink letter rainbow hint?
See again:

The colors of the rainbow from top to bottom was:
orange, red, yellow, green, blue, purple.
From the umbrella we got the letters for each color.

So we can build this table:

(The notes below go from top to bottom on the stave)
Note on the stave, Color, Letter
G, Orange, F
E, Red, G
C, Yellow, N
A, Green, O
F, Blue, R
D, Purple, S

Now, if you read the music, you will get a letter for each note.
The letters will spell:

Enter the phrase songoffrog (must be lowercase letters) and hit OK.

You will get the green raindrop.  Notice the 3 colors on the left: blue, pink, green.

Go left to the front door where you started.
Add the 3 raindrops to the bar on the left.
Top = blue
middle = pink
bottom = green.

Hit OK.

The door will open and you can click the outside to escaped the house!
Well done on solving Rain Escape 2.

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