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Charger Escape Walkthrough

Charger Escape Walkthrough
Charger Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution for the windows point-and-click game "Charger Escape".  This guide will provide a step by step guide with tips and hints to solve this escape game.  Detailed explanations provided for all the puzzles.  Screen prints to help you find your way.

Charger Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You begin in the horse stall.

Sweep the broom to get the small silver key.

Go right.

Use the small silver key to unlock the purple chest.

Take the instruction paper from inside.
Read the instruction:

Take the red apple
Lift the black shoes to get the horse shoe

Go right to the chickens

Take the green apple.
Take a carrot.
Click the chicken on the right then grab the horse shoe from underneath.

Go right.

Pick up the horse shoe from the floor.

Go right and right.

Open the double doors

Move the kitten box to get the hammer
Take the pincers from the top right corner.

Look at the sign on the oven, top right.

Order is 0,1,0,2,0

Open the oven using the latch
Place a horse shoe inside.
Close the door
Press the red button to start the fire.
Take the temperature to 1, then 0,  then 2, then 0.
Press the red button to switch off.

Open the oven.  If you did it correctly, the horse shoe will be red hot.
Take out with the pincers
Use the hammer on the horse shoe

Take the white horse shoe

Repeat with the other 2 shoes.

Go out.

Go to the horse.  Open the latch and enter.
Zoom in on the food.
Look at the pattern:

Go out and left.

Add the 3 horse shoes to their socket in the wall.
Turn them according to the order you saw at the horse's feed.
(Starting top left going around clock-wise, turn them right, down, left, up)
If correct, a meteor will strike and break some planks down.

Take the meteor.

Go back to the oven.
Place the meteor in the oven.
Close the door.

Follow the pattern on the instruction: 0,2,1,2,0
Press the red button.  Change the temperature to 2 then 1 then 2 then 0.
Press the red button to stop.
Open the door.

Take the meteor out using the pincers
Use the hammer on the meteor

Take the magical stone.

Go to the horse
Feed him the 2 apples.

Zoom in on his water bowl.
Add water.
Add the magical stone

The horse will come and drink...

And turn into a unicorn.

Give the carrot to the unicorn.

Go to the chickens.
Notice the star in the window.
Tap the star.
The chicken will move and you can take the small shovel.

Take the small shovel and use it on the yellow food in the bag.

Go to the unicorn and add the stardust food to his food bowl.

The unicorn will eat it...

And escape!

Well done on a great escape.


  1. Love your blog, helped me out on some tricky spots. I appreciate that you made it.

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  3. haha. this was great. a fine game.

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  6. Man, I played this game since I was a little kid, but I never finished it hahah. But now I just played it and It's so weird haahahah