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Baba Yaga Walkthrough

Baba Yaga Walkthrough
Baba Yaga Solution

The full walkthrough for Baba Yaga Escape from Pastel Games.  Tips, hints, guide, how-to to assist you to escape from Baba Yaga's hut... alive.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles provided.

About Baba Yaga Escape:
Baba Yaga is an escape game from Pastel Games. You've been captured by a mean witch, and now you find yourself trapped in her tree house. Search your surroundings for items and clues that will allow you to solve puzzles and escape the house before the witch returns.  You can also play this escape game.  The Windows version can be found here.

This is a reasonably difficult escape game.  It can take you more than an hour to complete on your own.

The Baba Yaga Walkthrough starts here:

Baba Yaga left the hut, and now is your chance to escape!

You begin in the kitchen area of Baba Yaga's hut.

Click the dove in the circular window to pick up a feather (1/6)
Click the water pot on the shelf aboe the fireplace then as it pours water, take the box of matches.
Open the cupboard under the owl and take a sausage
Take the kitchen knife from the bottom left cupboard.

Zoom in on the chameleon tail, just below the black cat.
Then catch 3 scolytidae's

Click on the chameleon to take some of his skin

Zoom in on the owl and feed him the 3 scolytidae
The owl hint you the order to cut the ropes.  Bronze, silver, gold.

Open the fireplace, light the wood with the matches, then close again.

Turn around.

Get two more feathers from the doves on the sides.
Lift the books on the bottom shelf on the left to take the chest key
Take the blue magical herbs book
Take the green fairy tales book and read it to see the hint "AKQJ"

Complete the herb chart on the top right shelf.
Use the herb book to assist you to get the flower, leave, and seed correct:

Take the triple seed

Open the door on the right to enter the bathroom.

Take the right cog wheel (1/3) from the toilet stall.
Take the piece of thorn book page from the top right.
Throw the soap in the water until you get another golden coin (1/6)

Go to the room with the table with cards.

Zoom in on the dining table and play the card game.
I selected all the card positions and then placed "Ace, King, Queen, Jack" at the bottom to win - according the the hints on each page of the Fairy Tales book.

Take the golden coin (2/6)

Move the chairs away from the table to see the spinning wheel.
If you do not see it, then turn around to look from another angle.  It is on the leg of the table.

Enter the bedroom.  (If you do not see the bedroom, turn around)

Click the mouse to get the cat's attention away from the cupboard.
Open the cupboard and take the wheel key

Turn around.

Get another feather (4/5) from the center dove.
Take the left cog wheel from the floor on the left.

Read the red transformation book

Turn the page then add the thorn page:

Take the magic spell words.

Lift the green book to take the bronze knife.

Zoom in on the pot plant next to the green book.
Take the plant out and plant the triple seed.

Take the broken dust brush from the green pot on the left.

Go forward then turn around.
Use the chest key on the lock.
Give the sausage to the cat

Move the coins around until you get another gold coin (3/6) and if you want to, anther coin (4/6)  (You only need 1 coin from here, but search for the second coin if you are bored!)
Next to the chest (top-right) you can zoom in to find another bird's feather (5/5)
There is also a piece of paper stuck in the corner.  Read it.

Take the windmill tableau and the letter from Esmeralda.

Go to the windmill.

Zoom in on the windmill on the top right shelf.
Turn it around
Open the 3 sides by pressing the green buttons at the base.
Insert the 2 missing cogs.

Remove the bottom 6 cogs then add them to the top:

If you add them correctly, they will start spinning.
As you go around, the cogs should alternate Left, Right, Left, Right, etc.
If you struggle, look at the correct picture above.  Look at the direction the top sun-ray is pointing to help you, or look if they point clock-wise or anti-clock-wise, whatever is easiest for you!

Click the center to turn the windmill around.
Tap the Wings to make it turn and you will get 3 golden coins(6/6 or 7/6)

Go to the main bedroom.
Turn around.

Attach the wheel to the brown cabinet.

Zoom in on the wheel.
Change the letters to spell "OPEN"

Zoom in om the magic lamp.
Use the dust brush on the lamp.

Give 6 coins to the genie.  Take the golden knife.

Go to the main bedroom.

Use the spell word on the round table in the corner.

Take the silver knife.

Attach the spinning wheel to the pin:

Raise the cage by clicking the spin wheel.
Zoom in on the dwarf.

Use the bronze knife to cut the bronze rope.
Use the silver knife to cut the silver rope.
Use the golden knife to cut the golden rope.

Take the rapid growth spell

Click the mouse on the bed.

Use the rapid growth spell on the roots sticking out of the roof in the main bedroom.

Take 2 purple flowers.

Go to the bathroom and do the same to get the 3rd purple flower.

Go to the pot plant where you planted the triple seed.
Use the rapid growth spell.

Cut the herb with the kitchen knife.
Take the triple herb.

Go to the kitchen

Zoom in on the wooden plank on the cupboard.
Place the chameleon skin
Cut it up with the kitchen knife.  It will go into the bowl.

Place the triple herb on the plank.
Cut it with the kitchen knife.
Add the three purple flowers to the bowl.
Take the bowl.  It will be thrown into the pot automatically.

The witch will enter.

And eat from the pot.
And magically transform into a bat!

Take the black broom next to the door.
Use the grey pot to fill up the broom.

Tap the broom, and off you go!

Well done on escaping Baba Yaga's hut!
Hope you enjoyed this Baba Yaga Walkthrough!


  1. how to get the mana for the spell?

    1. you get the mana by freeing the dwarf, thus you first cut the bronze rope to get enough mana, then you take the silver knife and finish freeing him.

  2. The broken dust brush in the lamp is not working. What to do?

    1. use the feathers to repair it

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  17. When I zoom in, to interact with the cameleon for example, I can't go back to the main room. There's no arrow, no button, right clic doesn't work either. Could you help me please? Thanks!