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Amazon Forest Escape Walkthrough

Amazon Forest Escape Walkthrough
Amazon Forest Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with detailed solution, answers, guide and explanations to all the puzzles.  This will help you solve Amazon Forest Escape game.

About Amazon Forest Escape:
The 383rd escape game from 123bee.com. I decided to go for trekking alone to the nearby forest. But i was misguided to this isolated forest. This place looks haunted and has ferocious animals. I have to escape from this place before something miserably happened...

You start in the Amazon forest:

Retrieve the arrow from the center tree.

Go right and you will see the tree house with a tiger:

Go right to the mushroom house:

Take the rope from the lower right fence.
Take the wing from the base of the tree on the left.
Take the axe from the fence to the left of the house.
Take the bird nest from the tree high up on the left.

Enter the mushroom house:

Take the red wire.
Open the box on the left and take the hacksaw machine, hook, bow, and spanner.
Take another wing from the wall on the right.

Go right to the wooden house:

Take another wing from the left side roof and one from the lower right.
Take an anchor from the tree on the left.
Zoom in on the rope then add the anchor.  Take the rope.
Take the kadai from the top door.
Take a wood piece from the top left railings.

Take the screwdriver from the front railings.  Note: You cannot take it if you zoom in around the motor bike.  You need to zoom in more to the right (under the switchboard) to take it.

Go all the way back to where you started.
Zoom in on the snake.
Use the hook to remove the snake.
Open the crate and take the diamond.

Zoom in on the base of the tree on the left.
Use the axe on the tree
Take the wood pieces.

Go back to the wooden house.
Zoom on on the railings just left of the front door, under the switchboard.
Build the wind-power wing:

Tighten with the spanner.
Now it will start rotating and generating power.

Add the power cable.
Switch the plug on.

Zoom in on the front door.
Use the hacksaw tool to cut the door open:

Now you are inside the house:

Take a candle from the shelf on the left.
Take the stand from between the chairs on the right.

Zoom in on the nest.
Add the wood.
Add the screwdriver to make some sparks.
Add the small wood pieces to start the fire.
Add the stand.
Add the kadai
Add the candle to melt it.

Take the diamond.

Go left to the tree house.
Zoom in on the top left railing where there is a bird.
Use the bow-and-arrow to kill the bird.  Take the bird.

Zoom in on the tiger below.
Give the bird to the tiger and he will walk away.

Zoom in on the door above where the tiger was.
Use the rope-and-anchor to get in.

Add the 2 diamonds to open the chest.
Take a key from the chest.

Go to the wooden house.
Zoom in on the motorbike.
Use the key and off you go!

Well done on another great escape!

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