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Bermuda Escape Walkthrough

Bermuda Escape Walkthrough
Bermuda Escape Solution

Full walkthrough with step by step instructions on how to escape from the infamous Bermuda Triangle.  This walkthrough provides detailed explanations with screen prints to help you solve the game and escape from Bermuda... alive!

About Bermuda Escape:
Shipwrecked in the Bermuda Triangle! Find your dive gear before you drown, and then explore this forbidden zone. Can you locate the broken tiles and enter the spaceship? Then you'll need to remember those cryptic drawings in the captains log. Oh, bother!

Bermuda Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You begin on the luxury yacht in the center of the Bermuda Triangle.

Click around the front of the yacht so that you can get inside.

You need to find all the diving gear.
Take the diving mask and the dive knife.

Open the cupboard on the right and take the dive suit and the BC Jacket.
Open the cupboard on the left and read the captain's log
Take the broken tile from inside.
Take note of this picture:

Click on the top right window to go right.

Open the cupboard and take the octopus pipes and the flippers.
Attach the octopus to the oxygen cylinder on the right.
Take the cylinder.

Now the diver is ready to go!

Swim out through the open window.

Swim right.

Take the broken tile from the sea plant.
Look at the pattern on the right "stone"
From top to bottom: 4 small diamonds , 2 circles (one big one small inside),  2 Squares (one big one small inside)

Swim left.
Swim to the airplane.

Click the fish so they swim away, then take the tile piece in the sand.
Take the crystal ball under the right wing.

Swim towards the UFO.
Zoom in on the center.

Combine the 2 broken tile pieces.
Attach the 2 tiles to their position on the wall.
Press the center white button to enter.

Take the crystal ball

Change the 3 circles to match the pattern you saw earlier.

Go down the passage.
Change the shape on the display to match the captain's log book picture.

Take the blue matrix

For the next puzzle, turn the tiles so that you have 3 squares pointing to the center on the top left; 3 circles on the top right; and 3 triangles at the bottom:

Take the red matrix

For the next puzzle, flip the blocks to make the impossible triangle.

Take the green matrix

In the passage, take the purple crystal ball, hiding on the right wall.
Walk down the passage.

Insert the 3 matrix pieces in their correct position and after each one, take the colored cube.
Take the crystal ball from the floor on the right.

Go forward and insert the 3 cubes.

Take the Crystal Ball.

Go right.
Open the second window on the right and take the crystal ball from inside it.

Go back then left.

Insert the light blue crystal on the floor.
Insert the dark blue crystal on the top left wall.
Insert the green crystal on the lower left wall.
Insert the yellow crystal on the roof
Insert the cyan crystal ball on the top right wall.

With all the balls in place you will get a key code shape.

Go out and then right and right

Insert the key code on the bottom right:

Open the lid.
Climb in...

You have escaped the Bermuda Triangle!


  1. 5 crystals... 6 gaps in the bouncy balls room - cannot find the last one - any ideas?

  2. Go back down the hall on the bottom right in one of the halls is the last purple crystal

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