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Tropical City Escape Walkthrough

Tropical City Escape Walkthrough
Tropical City Escape Solution

Full step-by-step walkthrough guide to help you solve all the puzzles so that you can win Tropical City Escape!  Detailed explanations to all the problems you will encounter.  If there is a part that you do not understand, then please use the comment section at the bottom for assistance.

About Tropical City Escape:
The 386th escape game from 123bee.com. You have been trapped in this tropical city and have to escape from the place. Use the clues and objects to come out of this place.

Walkthrough starts here:

You start with an aerial view of some houses and the highway at the coast.

You can only enter one of the buildings, so enter the house in the center at the bottom.

Zoom in on the cupboard on the right.

Open the panel and take the knife.

Go right.

Take the cutter from the shelf on the left under the fish.
Take one of the green fish
Take the white ice box.

Zoom in on the ice box.
Use the cutter to break the ice.
Take the finger.  Yuck!

Zoom in on the finger.
Remove the ring.

Notice the number 007.

Zoom in on the green fish.
Use the knife to cut the fish open.
Take the hook.

Exit the house.
From the main aerial view, go right.

Zoom in on the flag and take the pole.
Zoom in on the net and take some net wire.

Zoom in on the pole.
Add the net wire and the hook.
Now you have a fishing rod.  Take it.

Go left and left again to the cemetery.

Zoom in on the bottom right grave.
Use the cutter to move the plate.

Take the box.

Zoom in on the box.
Use the code from the ring:007 to open.

Take the dollar piece.

Go back to the house.
Go left to the pond.
Use the fishing rod on the pond.

Take the briefcase.
Open the briefcase and get the other part of the note.

Go right.
Zoom on on the frame on the cupboard just left of the TV.
Add the 2 dollar note pieces.

You will see the code 834.

Go right.
Open the box with the code 834.

Take the silver key.

Go left and open the locked cupboard with the silver key.

Take the can of diesel.

Exit the house.
Go right to the sea.
Zoom in on the motorboat.
Open the fuel cover.
Add the diesel.

Replace the fuel cover.

Now you are ready to go!
Turn the switch on the right and off you go!
Well done on another great escape!


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