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Adventure X Escape Walkthrough

Adventure X Escape Walkthrough
Adventure X Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution for the point-and-click room escape game Adventure X.  Tips, hints, and help provided in this step by step guide.  Full explanations to all the puzzles in the game.

Hey you!
I guess, you wonder, where you are.  And how the hell
you got here.  But you shouldn't care about that right now.
You are trapped!
But I'll give you one more chance.  A chance to escape.
Look around!
There are special rooms - they bear many secrets..
I'm watching you!
And now...

Adventure X Walkthrough starts here:

You start in the lounge.

Take the pistol.
Look under the top right couch, take the bullets.

Go left to the bathroom.

Use the pistol and shoot the mirror.
Pick up a glass piece.

Go left to the kitchen.

Lift the tablecloth to see the pentagram.

Look in the cupboard on the left for a small key.
Use the pistol and shoot the top left light.
Take the remote.

Go left to the washing room.

Use the small key on the power box to give power.
Take a purple bulb between the top left two washing machines.

Go left to the start lounge.
Use the glass to cut open the top right couch.
Take the video cassette.

Go left to the bathroom
Insert the purple bulb in the desk lamp.
Click the lamp to switch it on:

See the letters on the wall- a line through RED

Go to the lounge.
Look under the top right couch and insert the video.
Use the remote on the TV.
Check the number sequence: (ignore the red numbers as per the message on the bathroom wall)
12 31 21 32 13 11

Go right to the washing machines.
Tap the big center circle on the top right three washing machines as per the above code.
1 = left machine, 2 = middle machine, 3 = right machine.

If you did it right, you will get the red candle.  Take it.

Go right all the way to the kitchen.
Switch on the gas stove.

Use the red candle on the stove to light it.

Place the burning candle on the table.


Congratulations!  You are free again.
You really made it.  Maybe there were moments, when 
you didn't believe in yourself and doubted your abilities and
decisions.  But you kept fighting and didn't give up.
I hope I'll see you again!


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