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Escape the Phone Booth Walkthrough

Escape the Phone Booth Walkthrough
Escape the Phone Booth Solution!

Here is the walkthrough and solution to escape the phone booth.  Full step-by-step guide with screen prints. Detailed answers with full explanations to the puzzles.  All the help you need to get out of the phone booth... alive!

About Escape the Phone Booth:  Call for Help? No dice, friend. You'll need to get out of this fix on your own. Another outstanding Afro-Ninja escaping game!  Use the mouse to explore, combine items, solve puzzles, get codes, and ultimately escape from the phone booth.  An Afro-Ninja Production.

You start in the phone booth looking at the telephone.

Zoom in on the top coin return switch and select "coin return".

Click on the coin return slot to zoom down:

 Take the string.
Open the "push for return" to take the socket.

Zoom out, then zoom down to the ground.

Take the piece from the yellow page.
Lift the floor panel on the middle left side then take the quarter.
Combine the string with the quarter.

Zoom out.
Go left.

Take the binoculars.
Notice the "call me 4 help" on the glass.

Go left.
Use the binoculars on the sign.
Notice the street name = Arch Street.

Have a look at the yellow page.

The number for Phone Trace service: 555-4922

Lift the handset,
Use your quarter-on-a-string on the coin slot.
When you hear the dialing tone, dial 5554922.
The operator will tell you that the number you call from is: 267 9532
Put the handset back.

Using he same method to make a call, phone 4 help:
On the window was the words "call me 4 help"
So you can dial me4help (6344357)
Then choose option 3.  It will tell you to start with the electric company.

Using the same method above, phone Swain Electric at 555-7328

Use the password from the yellow pages:  Night5  (click 644485)
Choose service administration:  2
Enter the booth telephone number: 2679532
Turn the power on with option  1
Put the phone down.

Zoom out then look up to the light.  Now that it is on you can see the code.


Phone the water company:
555  5253
Use the code Gush7 (48747)
Choose Emergency Water shut off
Street name = Arch  (2724)
Waterline is now closed.

Go right.
Use the binoculars on the fountain:

"No Money - 5675 return twice"

Go to the phone
Lift the handset
Without depositing money, dial 5675
Click the "coin return" switch 2 times.
Zoom down to the coin return slot and take the golden key.

Zoom out
Zoom down to the floor.
Zoom in on the blue box
Use the golden key to open.
Take the socket screwdriver.

Combine the socket screwdriver with the socket.

Zoom in on the 2 socket nuts next to the red handle.
Remove the 2 nuts with the socket screwdriver.
Zoom out.
Lift the red handle.

Zoom on the device.

You will get to Screen-Mate - Letter Drop game.

Play the game and solve word drop:
The telephone is inherently of no value to us.

Return and click quit.
Go right and open the door!

Well done on escaping the telephone booth!
Hope you found this walkthrough useful!


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