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Little Guest House Escape Walkthrough

Little Guest House Escape Walkthrough
Little Guest House Escape Solution

Full end-to-end walkthrough and solution to help you solve the Little Guest House Escape Game.  Answers to all the puzzles with screen-prints and explanations.

About Little House Escape:
The 384th escape game from 123bee.com. Unfortunately, your friend is trapped inside this Little Guest House. Now you'll have to take up the challenge to escape from the house by using the clues and objects found at there.

Walkthrough solution starts here:

You begin in the twin bedroom.

Take the picture piece from the shelf on the right.

Go right to the kitchen.

Take the picture piece from the floor and another piece from the top of the cupboard.  Another piece from the microwave oven.

Take the scissors from the table.
Take the lighter from next to the small oven on the right.

Go left and left again to the single bedroom.

Take the picture piece  from the open drawer under the bed.
Take the canon from the table behind the bed.
Take a magnet from the purple cupboard drawer.
Zoom in on the sign hanging on the wall in the center.  Use the scissors to cut it loose.
Take the thread.

Go left to the main bedroom.

Take a picture piece from under the table.
Take the drum stick  from the bookshelf on the floor.
Take the golden key at the flower vase.
Open the blue box on the wall and take a purple box.
Open the purple box and take a rocket.
Take the walking stick from the drawer on the wall in the center.

Zoom in on a picture piece and add all the other pieces.
If you add them all, they will form the below:

Zoom in on the locker puzzle on the wall.
Match the faces with the numbers from the picture pieces.

Open, and take the marbles.

Go right and right again to the twin bedroom.

Zoom in on the cannon.
Add the rocket.
Add a marble
Use the stick to secure the ball.
Take the canon.

Put the canon on the table on the very-left.
Use the lighter to light the fuse.

The canon will shoot and break the window.

Zoom in on the walking stick.
Add the magnet
Secure with the thread.

Take the walking stick.

Zoom in on the broken window.
Use the magnet-walking-stick on the window.
Take the blade.

Open the locker between the 2 beds with the golden key.
Add the blade
The secret compartment will open.
Take the medal.

Zoom in on the medal and notice the number 2013.

Use the code 2013 on the white door to escape!
Well done on a great escape!

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  1. Thanks for the full end-to-end walkthrough and solution