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Bachelors Apartment Escape Walkthrough

Bachelors Apartment Escape Walkthrough
Bachelors Apartment Escape Solution

Here is the full step-by-step Bachelors Apartment Escape Walkthrough.  Detailed instructions with screen prints to help you solve and escape alive from the bachelors apartment.  Explanations on how to solve every puzzle in the game.  No stone will be left unturned.

About Bachelors Apartment Escape:  The 389th escape game from 123bee.com Unfortunately, your room mates locked you inside the apartment. Now you'll have to take up the challenge to escape from the apartment by using the clues and objects found at there.  Play the windows platform version for free here.

This escape game is very easy to solve.  Should take you less than 10 minutes on your own.

Bachelors Apartment Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the bachelors apartment lounge.

There is nothing here for now, so go right to the very colorful study.

Take the remote from the top orange shelf on the right.
Take the pink pouch fro the pink shelf next the teddy and globe.

Go right to the bunker-bed bedroom.

Take the conical flask on the floor at the bed.
Take the glass from the table next to the computer monitor.
Zoom in on the conical flask and add the glass.
Add the pink pouch.

Go right to the main bedroom.

Open the drawer next to the bed and take the 2 batteries.
Insert the batteries in the remote (first turn the remote around, open the cover).

Take some pants from the closet.
Zoom in on the pants, then take a key from the back pocket.

Go left all the way to the lounge where you started.
Open the red refrigerator with the key.

Take the ice cubes.
Zoom in on the ice cubes and move them a bit to see code 930:

Zoom in on the TV and switch it on using the remote.

Notice the channel number: 571

Go right to the bunker bed bedroom and open the brown drawer with the code 571:

Take the board.
Zoom in on the board.
Add the conical flask with the pink water.

You will see code 222.

Go to the main bedroom and open the brown drawer under the teddy with the code 930:

Take the paper piece.

Open the locker on the wall on the right with the code 222.

Take the silver key.

Go left to the study.
Open the pink cupboard with the silver key.

Take the stopwatch.
Zoom in on the stopwatch to see 12:01.

Go right tot he bunker bed bedroom and open the yellow cupboard with the code 1201.

Take the second brown paper piece.

Zoom in on the first paper piece.
Add the second paper piece.

You will get code 345.

Go to the main bedroom and open the brown locker above the bed with the code 345.

Take the CD.

Go left to the study.
Zoom in on the laptop.
Turn it on and open the CD tray.
Windows 7 will boot and after some time you will see the code 444:

Go to the white front door and open with the code 444.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough for bachelors apartment escape!


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