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Escape from the Ladies Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Ladies Room Walkthrough
Escape from the Ladies Room Solution

You are trapped in the ladies room.  So awkward!

This walkthrough solution will help you escape alive and save you the embarrassment.   Detailed step-by-step guide to get you out of there.  Full explanations to the puzzles.

Escape the ladies room is a point-and-click room escape game.  This walkthrough is for the windows version, but will be very similar for other platforms.  You can play the windows version for free right here.

Escape from the ladies room walkthrough starts here:

You begin in the ladies room at the toilet stalls.

Zoom in at the top of the stall door, second from the left.

Take the drinking straw from the top of the door.

Go right.

Take the pink cleaning spray from behind the trash bin.
Open the trash bin and take the dice.
(Remember the sign above the trash can and that you got the dice here)

Look at the sign above the bin... this might be important.

(green, red, blue is the order)

Zoom in on the dirty mirror (3rd from the left)
 then take the nail file from the top of the mirror.

Spry the dirty mirror with the pink cleaning spray.

Go 1 screen left of the toilet stalls.
There is a strange lock.
Zoom in on the lock then select the colors from the picture: green, red, blue.
This will open the box:

Take the rag.
(Remember the yellow pack-man sign that you see here on the baby-nappy-changing device.)

Go back to the dirty mirror and use the rag to clean.
(Remember the red X next to the "employees must wash hands"-sign.

Zoom in on the out-of-order sign on the toilet door.
Use the nail file to take the sign off.

Take the screwdriver.

Zoom on on the very left part of the toilet stalls where it connect to the wall.
There is a bracket.

Use the screwdriver to take the screws out.
Take the bracket.

Zoom in on the red tile against the right-side wall next to the toilet stalls.
Use the bracket to open the secret compartment.

Take the wrench.

Go back to the toilet stalls and open the stall on the left.

Take the paper with faint marking.
Take a square of toilet paper.

Go the the sink.
Open the tap to add water.
Add the toilet paper to make it soggy.

Zoom in on the hand dryer.
Switch it on.
Add the paper with faint markings to dry it.
Now you can read the paper:
(Remember the 5 above the hand sign and the other 5 above the dryer sign)

Zoom in on the straw.
Add the soggy paper to make a pea-shooter.

Go to the "strange lock" that you have opened, then go up:

Use the pea-shooter to shoot the light so the plunger can fall out.

Do down twice then pick up the plunger.

Go to the first toilet and use the plunger on the blocked toilet.
Now that the toilet is unclogged, zoom in and take the key.

Exit the toilet.
Go left and left again to the small panel door.
(Remember the pink circle above the Ladies/Wheelchair sign)

Zoom in on the center panel and use the wrench to take the nuts off.
You will see "a strange set of symbols"

Go and search around for all these 6 symbols and find the object related to it.
See above for all the codes/objects you needed to remember.
From left to right, change them to:
5, 5, Dice 6, Red X, Pink Circle, Yellow Pack-Man

If correct, you will get the key-hole:

Use the key on the keyhole!
You have escaped the Ladies Room!
Hope you found my walkthrough helpful.


  1. Thank you Andre for your easy to follow walkthroughs with lots of screen prints. When I am stuck, I look at the pictures for hints and only if that does not help do I read the text. Thank you.

  2. where do you find the nail file

  3. Great walkthrough! I'd given up on this escape game several times over the past few months until tonight. Very much appreciated :)

  4. I can't get the toilet paper :C

    1. The toilet paper is from the stall on the left. Nothing difficult here?

  5. Interesting! I had some problem with the straw but I tried and tried and finally got the result and won the game. I really helpful walkthrough!

    1. in what ways do you mean you tried and tried

  6. Where do you find the straw? No matter how hard I look it's just not there...

    1. The straw (drinking straw) is above the second toilet door from the left. I have updated this walkthrough with a screenprint. You first zoom into the top of the second door, then you can grab the straw. Hope this helps!

  7. how do u use rag??

    1. Drag the rag onto the dirty mirror?

  8. HELP. I can't find the nail file. How do I get it? :(((

    1. Its on top of the 3rd-from-left mirror. The mirrors are above the set of sinks.

  9. How do you put the straw and paper together?

    1. Click on the question mark by the picture of the straw to make it big. Then drag the wet paper on top of the big straw.

  10. Really great and helpful walkthrough :D

  11. i can't open the stall on the left :(

  12. i cant get the paper to work with the straw....i've tried different ways, but nothing is working....

    1. zoom in on the straw and then drag the paper to the end of it. if your having problems zooming click on the question mark in the box with the straw

  13. this a helpful walkthrough ; )

  14. but I cant change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (the symbols, I mean.)

  15. how do you find the nail file?

  16. OMG, thx so much for the very good explanatory walkthrough, if without you I would of been in the ladies room 4ever!!!!

  17. Very helpful-thanks!

  18. How do I put the soggy ball in the straw

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  23. How do you change the symbols in the last part??

  24. I finished but, what's with the dice?!?!?

  25. How do you get to the light with the plunger in it?

  26. Thank you for such a sweet tutorial - all this time later, I've found it and love the end result. I appreciate the time you spent sharing your skills.


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