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Sherlock Holmes Escape Walkthrough

Sherlock Holmes Escape Walkthrough
Sherlock Holmes Escape Solution

Full step-by-step walkthrough solution with detailed explanation to all the puzzles.  This guide will help you with all the steps to complete the Sherlock Holmes Escape game.   Elementary!  Tips and hints included.
Play the Windows version here.

Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough starts here:
You start in the lounge of the great detective's residence.

There is nothing yet that we can do here.
Let's go right.

Open the bookcase and take the book "The practical Handbook of Bee Culture"

Read the book, turn a page, then take the gun.
Take the boxing glove.

Open the cupboard on the right.  Take the puzzle piece.

Go right.

Take the magnifier from the table.
Take the blue gem from the roast.

Go right.

Take another puzzle piece from the small table.
Open the box on the small table and take the syringe.

Zoom in on the picture frame with the 5 faces on the wall then take the black paper.

Take the knife from on top of the fireplace.

Zoom in on the tree picture on the right.
Take the picture off to reveal the password selectors.

A 7-character password...

Go right.

Take the piece of paper from the desk.

Go right.  (The starting room)

Zoom in on the violin.
Use the knife to cut a string.
Take the string.

Zoom in on the grandfather clock.
Open the door.
Attach the boxing glove.

Take the violin bow that came down just above the glove.

Go right.
Zoom in on the butterflies.
Add the black paper to mask them:

Zoom in on Napoleon's bust.
Use the gun to knock him off.
Take the black pearl.

Go right.

Zoom in on the VR bullet holes on the wall.
Zoom in on the hole that has something stuck inside.
Use the syringe to take the putty out.

Zoom in on the violin bow.
Add the string.
Add the putty.

Zoom in on the grate on the top left corner.
Use the violin-bow-with-string-and-putty to take the golden key.

Go left then left again to the start lounge.

Open the box under the couch with the golden key.

Take the puzzle piece and box of matches.

Zoom in on the oil lamp.
Zoom in on the matches.  Take a match out and strike against the box.
Light the lamp.
Use the paper on the lamp.

Writing appears!

Go right, right, right.

Zoom in on the table in the top right corner.
Zoom in on the puzzle on the table.
Add the 3 puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle:

Compare the paper with the puzzle to get the code on the paper:
2 7 6 6

Go right.

Zoom in on the cupboard with the 4-digit combination lock.
Use the code 2766 to open.
The cupboard will open up.

Zoom in on the top right part.
Compare with the masked butterflies.
Make all the blocks black, except those where the butterfly is unmasked.
Take the five orange pips  that fell out.

Look at the odd collection of bottles.

Take the first letter of each to get the 7-character code: BOHEMIA

Go left.
Enter the code BOHEMIA on the locker on the wall.
The safe opens:

Take the book.

Read the book and use the magnifying glass to read the small print on the last page.
1 pip - 20 grams.

Go right.

Zoom in on the desk.
Zoom in on the scale.

Add the black pearl, pips, and gem.

Take the brass key from under the left scale.

Go right and right.
Zoom in on the front-door.
Use the brass key to open the door and escape!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed by walkthrough!


  1. You don't actually HAVE to open the safe with the book (Bohemia) - just adding the pearl, gem and pips is enough.

  2. I loved this! Thank you very much for making this - I would have been extremely frustrated without its help.

  3. i cant zoom in on the bow for some reason

    1. press the question mark, not the item

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