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Escape from the Mall Walkthrough

Escape from the Mall Walkthrough
Escape from the Mall Solution

Here is the full Escape from the Mall walkthrough solution.  A step-by-step guide with screen-prints that will guide you to escape alive!  If you are stuck and need hints, tips, or the full walkthrough, read on and I will help you solve this point-and-click room escape game.

About Escape from the Mall: No money, stores are closed, and you are all alone at the mall. Time to escape! Dig around for supplies, decode some locks, and make with the escape. And better move fast. Something awful happened on that escalator, and you do not want to be the next victim, do you?
This walkthrough is based on the Windows Platform version of Escape from the Mall.  The screen prints and walkthrough could be slightly different for the android and iOS platforms, but the solution should be generally the same.  I provide detailed explanations for the puzzles.   Play the Windows version from addictinggames.com  here.


You start in the alley at the blue desk in the mall.  "I need to get out of this mall!"

Zoom in on the "do not cross" at the escalator and take the paper bag of popcorn kernels.

Use the down arrow to turn around.

Zoom in on the party fun store and take a set of balloons.
Look at the party supplies on the shelf

See the code 441712 on the candles.
Take the drill hidden between the party hats.

Zoom in on the shoe store and then zoom into the sneakers on display.

Notice that all has the letter B.

Zoom in on the popcorn machine.
Take the lid off.
Add the bag of popcorn.
Switch it on (switch is just below the word "popcorn".

Take some popped popcorn.

Go back up (use the down arrow).

Zoom in on the Think Computer store (last store on the left)

Take the piece of bread next to the computer on the lower right.

Go out, the zoom into the red electronic store (last store on the right)

There is a plunger behind the TV so take it.

Exit, then enter the Happy Home Store (first store on the right)

Zoom in on the "Happy Home Store" sign.
Zoom into the lower left part.

"A TV, a shoe, then some toast".

Take the hot plate from the shelf on the right.

Take the shaker from the top shelf.

Zoom in on the shaker.  Take the top off.  Take the screwdriver bit.
Zoom in on the cordless drill and insert the bit.

Zoom in on the toaster in the shelf in the middle.
Insert the slice of bread.
Flip the toaster button to toast the bread.
Remove the toast and look at the star sign on the bread.


Go back down to the popcorn machine area.
Go to the mall entrance
Zoom in on the fish pond and give some popcorn to the fish

Take the small silver key next to the popcorn.

Zoom in on the "do not feed the fish plague".
Use the screwdriver to remove the 4 screws.

Take the golden key.

Go to the blue jewelry display in the alley where you started.
Open the display using the small silver key.

Take the diamond ring.

Zoom in on the "Fun in the sun" store (middle right).
Use the diamond ring to cut out a circle.

Use the plunger on the circle to take the cut glass out.
Enter the store.

Take a chair.
Zoom in on the glasses and notice the pattern of glasses on sale.

Top row: 2,3
Middle row: 1
Bottom row: 3,4

Go to the escalator and use the glasses-on-sale pattern on the control (lower left of escalator)
You need to turn the buttons on where the glasses were on sale.
The escalator will move and you can now take the purple dumbbell weight.

Zoom in on the candle store (middle left).
Zoom in some more and notice the candle colors:

blue, white, red, black, green.

Use the golden key to unlock the door.
Open the combination lock with the candle-code: 441712

The drawer will open and you can take the TV remote.
Take the Lava Lamp on the desk.

Go the the TV in the electronic store (top right store)
Use the remote on the TV.

See the smiley faces.

Enter Dressy Dresses (1st store on the left) with the candle color code: blue white red black green.

Take the broom.

Open the display purse using the clues we recorded:
Left = Happy Face (from TV), Middle = B (from shoe), Right = Star (from bread)
(Order from the Happy Home Store Sign)
Take the knife

Go to the mall entrance next to the fish pond.
Zoom in on the floor on the yellow plug point and open it.
Add the hot plate and plug it in.

Add the lava lamp and you will shoot the top skylight window out.

Zoom in on the broken glass and use the broom to clear the mess.

Place the lawn chair.
(Hint: If you accidentally attach the balloons and the chair takes off without you, go get a new chair and balloons and try again!)

Put the dumbbell weight on the chair (on the seat)
Now you can add the balloons...
Click the seat to take off...

Well done on another great escape!
You escaped alive from the mall.
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. LOL. Thank you for the escape the mall walkthrough. I set off the chair with the balloon before adding the dumbbell! I then restarted the game and made the same mistake!!! Glad I read your walkthrough to see I can get another chair and balloon in game to try again. Thanks mate. I still feel somewhat silly. hihihi.

  2. Where did you find the broom

    1. Inside Dressy Dresses (first store on the left)

    2. thank you so much

  3. Um Where do i find the drill bit? it wont let me open the popcorn maker and find the drill bit. o-o

    1. The drill bit is behind the party hats? Inside the party fun store.

    2. drill bit is in the cocktail shaker inside of the homegoods store, and click the lid for the popcorn maker

    3. what does a cocktail shaker look like?

    4. oh wait, the shaker is on the top shelf of the cups and glasses display!!!! I get it now...

  4. i can't remove the screws. can anybody help me?

    1. lol, i forgot to combine the screwdriver bit with the cordless drill. i feel so silly -_-

    2. you find the drill bit inside the SHAKER, and you click on the very very red top of the popcorn shaker to open it.

  5. I only did half of the escape walkthrough

  6. I wonder how he or she will get down ��

    1. they had a knife with them in the end

  7. she or he might pop the balloons 1 at a time

  8. where did you get the chair from???

  9. soo, we didn't need to use the knife? lollolololo

  10. how do i take the lid f the popcorn machine?

  11. what is the knife for??

  12. popping the beach ball

  13. You forgot one step, which is popping the beach ball with the knife, which will get you a memory card that you can put into the computer at the computer store. A picture of a chair attached with balloons will pop up and the rest is as you say it. It's not a necessary step, but that will clear up the rest of our inventory items.

  14. seriously there needs to be a screwdriver bit so its really annoying I cant find it

    1. the screwdriver bit is when you click on the shaker thing (you click the yellow bit twice) then click the top and then there should be the bit

  15. Replies
    1. You go to the We Party shop and click on the balloons

  16. what is the knife for?

  17. how do you attach screw bit to other bit?!

  18. It wont let me pick the balloons up!!Can someone please help me?

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  20. Hey, you left out the bit about the memory card in the beach ball, which you can take out by using the knife. The memory card inserted in the laptop will show you how to get out by tying the balloons to the lawn chair. Thought you should know. Btw, thanks for this walkthrough. I totally missed out on using the drill on the plaque screwed to the pond. From there on, I managed to get almost everything done on my own, except I didn't get the idea of placing the lava lamp on the hot plate to smash the roof window. Thx again :)

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