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Find Your Way Out Walkthrough

Find Your Way Out Walkthrough
Find Your Way Out Solution

Step-by-step guide to solve the point-and-click strategy puzzle by Addictinggames.com.
You'll have to watch your step--snipers will take you out. Can you take them out and avoid the traps?

The game can be a little bit buggy, so if something does not work, reload and try again.

Step 1: Take out the right sniper.

Turn the wheel, then the let the man jump down to take out the sniper.

Step 2: Man in the hole

Get the man in the hole by clicking the white box in front of him

Step 3: Get rid of the landmine
Get the man to press the blue button.  Will get flood the place with water to take out the landmine.
Get the man to swim up.

Step 4: Hit the tree.

Hit the tree 4 times to get the grenade to fall to the ground.

Step 5: Take out the left sniper.

Click the man so that he take the grenade and blow the sniper.

Step 6: Prepare the missile

Click to open the window.
Adjust the bottom mirror.

Step 7: Fire the missile
Get the man to press the red button.

Click the missile

Step 8: Go open the grate

Click the top man to go down then tap him again to press the green button.

Step 9: Finish off
Use the middle man to swim down and tap the final green button.

Well done on winning "Find your way out".
Hope you found my walkthrough useful!


  1. I had opened the window previously, but now it won't open.

  2. Had to take them slightly out of sequence, but I did make it work. Thanks for the advice.

  3. Great guide! Thanks for sharing!