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Shiny Room Escape Walkthrough

Shiny Room Escape Walkthrough
Shiny Room Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to escape from the shiny room.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles with tips and hints to help you.

About Shiny Room Escape:  The 460th escape game from 123bee.com. Hi friends this is a colorful room escape game. I just got trapped inside my uncle’s house I don’t know how to come out of the house. He went for the official meeting he told me where he left the spare key but I forgot it. So friends kindly help me to find out the spare key of this house. I have to go for a party, my friends are waiting for me help me soon guys.  

This walkthrough will help you get out of the house... alive!

Shiny Room Escape Walkthrough

You start in the lounge of the shiny house.

Zoom in on the red pillow then take the bronze ball.

Go right to the bathroom

Take the green ball, gramophone, and black ball from the yellow shelf / cupboard on the wall.

Go right to the yellow & brown bedroom.

Take the brown locker from the bottom shelf on the left.
Take the sheers from the middle shelf on the left.
Take the blue ball from the floor, at the top left end of the carpet.
Take the red briefcase.

Open the briefcase

Take the golden key.

Go back to the bathroom (left) and open the yellow cupboard under the sink using the golden key.

Take the pink ball.

Go right to the bedroom, then right again to the colorful bedroom.

Take the telephone from the table on the left.
Take the light-blue ball to the right of the bed.
Zoom in on the book shelf with the flower pots then take the fuse holder next to it.

Zoom in on the telephone.
Turn it around.
Use the sheers to open the back (Safety Tip: do not attempt this at home! Use the right tool for the job)

Lift the back plate to see code 153.

Open the blue drawer with the code 153.

Take the handle.

Zoom in on the top left blue shelf and take the hammer.
Look at the hammer to see code 488

Open the locker in your inventory with the code 488.

Take the left CD-disk.

Go left all the way to the lounge where you started.
Zoom in on the brown 6-hole thing on the wall, above the TV.
Insert the 6 colored balls.  Don't worry which hole, it will go automatically to the right holes.

When the fuse box is open, insert the fuse holder.

Zoom in on the socket left of the TV and switch on.

Zoom in on the TV and switch it on.

Pictures of elephants!

Go to the bathroom and open the top left locker with the code ELEPHANT.

Take the mobile phone.

Zoom in on the Gramophone.
Attach the handle.
Load the CD disk (!?)

You will get code 1550.

Go to the bathroom.
Open the white cupboard with code 1550.

Take the mobile battery.

Zoom in on the mobile phone.
Turn it around and take the back part off.
Insert the Mokia battery
Close the back.
Switch it on.

You will get code 0707

Go to the front door.
Open with the code 0707

Well done on solving shiny room escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!

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