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The Curse Puzzle 85, 86, 87

The Curse Puzzles 85, 86 and 87

The CURSE puzzle 85: Hanoi - Hard

Move all the cogs to the right pole

To solve the Towers of Hanoi-puzzle, follow this very simple algorithm:
You have 3 stacks (S1, S2 and S3)
A legal move is moving a piece to an empty stack, or to a stack where the moving piece is smaller than the smallest piece on the stack.

Start at S1 and Repeat until problem is solved:
Move the piece to the next available stack. Take the next piece from the next stack 
(From S1 to S2 to S3 back to S1 and continue).

So, to start:
Move S1 to S2.
Move S1 to S3.  
Now, the next available move will be S2 to S3.
Move S1 to S2.  S3 to S1.  S3 to S2.  S1 to S3.  and so fort.

The Curse puzzle 86: Mimic - Hard
Select the busk that mimics!
This level will keep you busy for a while...

This is a hard one.  Concentrate and find the 2 busks that follows each others move.

The Curse puzzle 87: Riddle #12

People want to keep me,
I'm always very quiet.
Half of me is a vegetable,
the other is a card up your sleeve,

Answer: Peace
Solution:  People want to keep me:  Peace!
I'm always very quiet:  Peace & quietness!
Half of me is a vegetable: pea
The other half is a card up your sleeve:  ace.


  1. A quicker way to beat Hanoi puzzles are to first move the smallest piece to S3, the next smallest to S2 and then move to opposite colours on top of one another. That's a horrible explanation but I finished with 6 extra moves including one mistake.

  2. I would like to understand better the solution of mr. Anonymous...
    But until then, I would like to sincerely thank you André Maakal!!! You are trully an inspiration!!

  3. puzzle 86 can be cheated by taking a screen shot every second for about 5 - 6 seconds. then pause game and view in camera roll. in one frame look at a face and see whos copied it in the next, then the next, and so on.

    1. Your idea worked!! I think that's a plausible solution if there's no other way. Thanks!