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The Curse - Puzzle 91 - 95

Walkthrough and Solution to THE CURSE level 91, 92, 93, 94, and 95

THE Curse level 91 - Tangram #10 - Hard
Reconstruct the silhouette.

THE Curse level 92 - Lights Out #6 - Hard
Turn off all the lights in 14 moves! This was a very hard lights out puzzle! To solve lights out 6, follow the below sequence:

THE Curse level 93 - Circuit #6 - Hard
Connect the colored Circuits.  A tiny bit more difficult than the previous circuits, but should not give you too much trouble to solve.

THE Curse level 94 - Burn the Rope #7 - Hard
Burn all of the knots.  If you battle, see below pictures!

THE Curse level 95 - Riddle #13
Interesting number...
18, 37, 6, 81, 55.
They may provide your solution.

You need to find the next number in the sequence: 18, 37, 6, 81, 55, ...
Very easy to use brute force, as only a few numbers can be spelled with 5 letters!

The answer is 3.
--> Look at pages 18, 37, 6, 81 and 55 in the book.  You will see an alphabet letter on the center Mannequin that spells T-H-R-E-E!


  1. There is this part after completing 90 puzzles when the magician "confines" you. How do you get past that?

    1. Hi. If you are talking about the 3 wooden planks... You need to tap each plank about 10 times then it goes away.

      On my first attempt it looks like the puzzle "hung up" on me. I then exit the game, restarted and via Galleries went to this "puzzle" again. Tapped each plank 10 times (I started from the bottom up) and solved it.

  2. Which book should I be looking at to see an alphabet letter on the center Mannequin that spells T-H-R-E-E

  3. Hiya,

    What is the original name of the second puzzle? what is the original name of games like that. where you have a sequence to open everything? I have been searching up for a name for those type of puzzle but cant find none.