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100 Dooors Walkthrough. Dooors 21 to 30

100 Dooors Walkthrough!  Doors 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29 and 30.

Solutions, answers, hints, tips galore!
If you are stuck on stage 21 to 30, read on!

Dooor 21:

Tilt your device so that it is horizontal wit the floor.  Door indicator will turn green.  
Then slide the door to the right to open and complete level 21.

Dooor 22:

The tiger room.  
Insert the orange ball in the hole above the door.
Tap the bottom left tile to open it up.  Pick up the magnifying glass.
Use the magnifying glass on the bottom of the right-side tiger.

Change the 7 colors (top already done - the orange) to the color that corresponds with the fruit.
Solution:  left-side from top to bottom: red, yellow, green.
Right-side from top to bottom: yellow, purple, red.

Open the door and Exit the room 22!

Dooor 23:

Slide the trees, fence, and balls to the right to reveal a button.
Press the button so that it turns green.
Slide all the objects away from the door.
Slide the door open.
Exit door 23.

Dooor 24:

Light the 2 fires using your fire-stick.
Pull the chains according to the picture:  Start at the right then go all the way left then back right and then 1 left.  (If they are numbered 1,2,3,4 from left to right, then pull 4,3,2,1,2,3,4,3)
Open the door and exit.

Dooor 25:

This is the flags of the world level door.
On the picture is something that looks like Mt Fiji.  So use the magnifying glass on the flag of Japan.
It will show the clue: 2562.
Select the four stacks to be the height of the clue:  
Left 2 bars, then 5, 6 and the last on 2 bars high.
Open the door and exit the level.

Dooor 26:

Move the ladder to the left and pull the left chain.
Pull the left chain again and then you need to pull the right chain at the right moment to stop the door.  If you did it correct, you can exit.  Else, keep on trying until you are lucky!

Dooor 27:

Tap the balls and throw them on the door in the right sequence.  If you do it wrong, the door will spat them back. 
Hint: Look at the picture on the right.
If you still cannot solve it, the order is yellow, blue, red, green.

Dooor 28:

Tap the buttons in the right order to open door 28.  Look at the picture above the door.  Start at the button on the bottom left, then go up, down-right, up, down-right, left.
Tap the door and you are done with stage 28.

Dooor 29:

Thorns are covering the door.
Pick up the machete from the bottom right corner.
Use the machete to chop off all the thorns.
Slide the 2 doors away.
Pick up the key from the right-side.
Use the key to unlock the door.
Tap the door and exit!

Dooor 30:

The four-birdie-door.
You need to make the 2 birds on each side look each other in the eye to open this door.
They need to be position diagonally looking at each other.
If correct, the door indicator will go green.
Tap the door and exit.

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