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The CURSE levels 81, 82, 83, and 84

Here is the Walkthrough & Solutions with tips and tricks on how to solve The Curse puzzles 81, 82, 83, and also 84.

The Curse Puzzle 81 - Burn The Rope #6 - Hard
Once you find the right starting point, this puzzle becomes very easy.  I tried to "think" this one out and got it right, without using "brute force" trial and error.   There might be more than one solution, but this one will work:

The Curse Puzzle 82 - Lights Out #5 - Hard
These turn off the lights puzzles are getting very hard.  With a fixed number of turns available, it makes it extra difficult.  Here is the sequence to solve this one:

The Curse Puzzle 83 - Tangram #9 - Hard

This puzzle took my a while to solve, but one again, after I found a good place for the twin big blue triangles, the rest was rather easy to complete.

The Curse Puzzle 84 - Hamiltonian #5 - Hard

Not sure why this puzzle is called Hard!  Took my only a few seconds to resolve.  Here is one possible solution, not that you will need it!

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  1. For all Burn the Rope puzzles, the key is to find the points which have only two routes, start from there and work your way out. Often times one side of them will lead to 2-3 forced paths before you need to put any more thinking in.