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100 Missions 2: Mission 12 The Helipad

100 Missions 2: Tower Heist --> Mission 12: The Heliport
Walkthrough, solutions, answers, guide, tips & tricks
to solve mission 12.
Agent, you have exceeded all of our expectations!

You start in a room  with a pump station in front of you and stairs leading to a platform.
Look at the pump station and pick up the orange dirty and round stone.
Go back, then up the stairs.  Pick up the screw.
Climb back down and go left.
Zoom in on the fire fighting equipment.  Use the orange stone to break the glass.
Take the axe. 
Go back, then look at the door.
Use the axe to open the door.
Take another screw from the shelve.
Take the rope from the ladies.
Go out and use both screws on the machine next to the fire fighting equipment.
Go all the way to your right.
Take the hook.
Combine the hook and the rope.
Use the rope to climb up to the helicopter.
Take the rope on top of the box.
Use the rope by zooming in on the guard and tie him down.
Search the guard and take his keys.
Use the keys to open the helicopter door.
Take the parachute from the chopper.
Take the small roll of electical tape.
Use the elctrical tape on the guard's mouth.
Go to the pump station.  Zoom in above the pump.
Use the parrechute.
Jump off.
Congratulations, agent!


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