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100 Missions II - Mission 10 - The Search

Walkthrough and solution and answers for 
Mission 10 of 100 Missions 2.  - The Search.
(Previously nammed mission 3)

That was a close call Agent!  After leaving the elevator lift you were spotted...

Look on the small table top left corner.  
Take the roll of transparent type.
Take the small table on your left.

Enter the bathroom on your left.

Take the cheap pliers at the sink. 
Look at the right of the shower and plug the geyser in.
Go back to the sink and now open the tap.  
The steam will reveal a number 4728

Go out.
Tap the box on the table.  
Use the code 4728 to open.
Take the butterfly knife.

Go right into the bedroom.

Go right.
Use the knife on the bed.  Use the pliers to get a metal spring.

Go left, open the fish tank and use the metal spring to retrieve the key.
Look at the carpet.  Use the knife to lift it.

Use the spring to retrieve the screwdriver.

Go back to the bathroom and use the key to open the vanity case under the sink.
Take the small beauty kit.

Go back to the bedroom.
Look at the drawer at the window.
Use the vanity kit on the mug to expose a finger print.
Use the sticky tape to capture the print.

Go out and use the captured finger print at the reader to open the door.


Use the small table under the vent.
Use screwdriver on the vent.
Open the vent.

Enter the vent!

Well done!
You have come through again agent!

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