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Escape 3D: The Library Part 1 Walkthrough

Here is the Walkthrough and Solution for Escape 3D: Library. Part 1 .
  An escape game from bored.com.


Part1:  Find a way to move the bookcase and get our of here,,,

You start in front of the bookcase that you tipped over.  Behind it is a staircase.

Pick up the red book lying on the bookcase.

If you read the red book, then you will find a riddle:
I'm one letter, but also three.
I may be green, blue, or brown
when there's two of me.

(The answer to the riddle is I or EYE)

Go left.

Take the paper from the dustbin.
Take the AA batteries next to it.

Go left.

Look at the book cases and find some hidden items.
Take the red vacuum cleaner behind shelf 1.
Take the steps in front of shelf 4.

Go left.

Take the drill from the table.
Load the batteries into the power drill.
Take the piece of paper lying on the ground.
Combine the left and right paper
Look at the picture.  Remember the layout...

Go right.

Find the book on the bookcase that matches the picture.  I found mine on bookcase 3 at C.
Open this new book to find a metal hook.

Go to the room with the Bored.com logo on the wall.  Use the gem on it's eye.
Take the safe.
Use the steps in front of the shelf.
Get the rope.

Go to the bookcase & potplant room.
Use the vacuum cleaner on the floor.
Use the safe on the vacuum cleaner.

Go to the start room.
Use the drill on the fallen-over bookshelf.
Attach the hook to the pillar.
Attach the rope to the bookcase

Attach the rope-end to the vacuum cleaner.

Tap the vacuum cleaner / safe.

Go to the start room.  Now you can exit!


  1. This is just too creepy to play or even watch!

  2. That makes no sense whatsoever! Horrible game.

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  4. How do you attach the end of the rope? It won't attach.

  5. How do you attach the end of the rope? It won't attach.

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