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100 Dooors! Walkthrough and solution for doors 1 to 10

100 Dooors!  Walkthrough and solution for doors 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10

100 Doooors is a multi-door escape game where you have to solve a puzzle in order to open the door to advance to the next level.  If you are stuck on a door, this guide will help you get the dooor open!

Dooor 1: 
Tap the door to open.

Dooor 2: 
Tilt your device or let it do a 360degree turn to open the door.

Dooor 3: 
Get the key on the floor to the right of the door.   
Use the key on the door.  
If you do not see the key, then tilt your device so that the yellow ball can roll out of the way.

 Dooor 4:
Pull the chain and tap the opening when it appears.

Dooor 5: 

Lift the left-most lamp and pick up the door handle.    
Use the handle on the door and open.

Dooor 6: 
Switch on the light.  
Then switch it off-and-on.  Repeat until the door open.  
You can follow the progress via the green lights on top of the door.

Dooor 7: 

Look at the pattern on the door.  There are 3 buttons on each side.  
Make them look the same as the pattern on the door:  
On the left, the top and bottom should be black.  
On the right: the middle button should be black.  
Then tap to open the door.

Dooor 8: 
Something is blocking the door.  Look at the red knob bottom right of the door.  
Almost looks like it is part of the plant.  Take it out.  
Then swipe the door from right to left (direction of the arrow above the door) to open.

Dooor 9: 
The left disk spins and will display a green portion.  
You need to start the right disk to display its green at the same time.  
Tap the door when both are green.  
Hint: The right disk spins at around double the speed of the left disk.  
So wait until left disk is half-way then start right.

Dooor 10: 
Move the 2 plants out of the way.  
Then tilt your tablet a couple of times to make the fire burn out.  
Tilt in all directions and try to simulate more oxygen getting fanned into the fire.
Then lift the dead burnt out wood and quickly grab the handle.  
Use the handle at the hole on the middle left of the door.  
Then crank the door open.

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