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100 Missions II - Tower Heist - Mission 11: The Safe

100 Missions II - Tower Heist - Mission 11: The Safe
Walkthrough, Solutions, Tips, Hints and Answers
(Previously named mission 4)

If you are stuck, this guide will help you to solve Mission 4:

Well done, agent.  You have made your way up the tower...

You will start in a room with a table, some boxes, and a ladder.

Look at the table and take the small glass bottle, a handle, a long drill, and a metal key.
Look at the box next to the table, open it, and take the screwdriver and shoulder stock.
Look at the air-conditioner unit and use the screwdriver to get the chain.
Look in the corner under the vent for the main body of the hand drill.
On the the ladder you will find a pair of pliers.

Go left to the safe room.
Use the metal key to open the 1st aid cabinet. 
Take the stethoscope and the syringe needle.
Use the syringe in the small poison bottle.  Then use the syringe to take out the guard.
Zoom in on the guard and take the glasses and on his body you will find bubble gum.
Zoom in on the door next to the first aid box and take the handle.

Use the computer for fun.  Will take you to a Wikipedia page to show the parts and steps
 to build the hand-drill.  You should have all the parts in your inventory.

Assemble the drill in your inventory.  If you are missing a part:  All the parts can be found in the room where you started, except for the Step 5 Handle that you get from the door next t the 1st aid kit. (There is a bug in the game that allowed me to pick up a second main drill assembly)

In your inventory, use the pliers on the glasses and then the bubble gum on the glasses to make a hand-held-magnifying glass.

Zoom in on the Safe.
Use the hand-drill to drill a hole on the left.
Use the stethoscope on the right.
Use the magnifying glass on the hole that you drilled.

Open the safe.  You need to turn right-left-right-left.  Each time you need to turn very slowly until you hear a click.  Hint: switch off the music and turn the volume on.  I found this operation to be a lot easier if you use a stylus.  If you turn 1 notch to far, it will fail and you need to start again.  I had some difficulty with the 4th click, and solved it by turning very slowly.

With the safe open, enter the safe.
On the table you will see the number 58 and a key.  Take the key.

Look at locker 58 (bottom right).
Drill on the key hole and then use the screwdriver to open.
Take the TOP SECRET document.

Go back to the ladder and open the lock with the key.
Climb out!

Well done Agent.  We are highly impressed with your performance!


  1. I can't get to the next level after the safe. what's the secret? I successfully completed all of the first 4 missions.

    1. Hi Anonymous. We need to wait patiently for the developer to provide an update. Only 4 missions available yet.

    2. The next mission has been released!