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100 DOOORS Walkthrough: Dooors 41 to 50

100 Dooors Walkthrough: Levels 41 to 50

Solutions, answers, tips, tricks and all the help that you will need to open the doors!

Dooor 41:

Tilt the tablet upside-down and shake a bit.  Will turn all the red indicators green.
Open the door and solve dooor 41.

Dooor 42:

Select the rain-drop (bottom) picture on the left.  Select the fire picture (2nd from top) on the right.  I would have thought the other way round, according to the blue/red hint.  Anyway this worked and you can open the door.

Dooor 43:

Lift the orange bucket.  Take the remote.  Use the remove on the tv.
Look at the patterns the 2 yellow dots make.
Select the correct number from the 2 number selectors.
The left yellow dot makes a "2".  The right yellow dot makes a "7".
Select 2 and 7 then open the door!

Dooor 44:

Two Camels...
Take the brush bottom left.
Use the brush all over the wall to clear the paint and reveal foot steps and arrows.
Select the object on the left and right that matches the foot-prints.
Select the MAN on the left and the Bird on the right.
Open the door.

Dooor 45:

Use the light saber to reveal an arrow to the left of the door, pointing to the door, or to the number "45".
Press the white button and release when the timer is on 45.  Keep on trying until you get it right.
Door will open.

Dooor 46:

Look at the pattern on the door.
Make this same pattern on the sides:
left: \ / \ / 
right: / \ / \

Tap the door and exit.

Dooor 47:

This one was tricky, but turned out very easy.
Slide the fence out of the way.
Then be patient.
The eays will fall asleep and then the door will *yawn*.
When it is fully yawning (or open!) then tap the open door and sneak out.

Dooor 48:

Scoop water from the swimming pool into the bucket.
Hang the bucket on the hook.
Pick up the wight and hang it.
Tilt your phone so that the door can fall down towards you over the pool.
The door will form a walk-way.  Tap the opening and exit!

Dooor 49:

Use the fire stick and burn the brown ties between the 2 fences.
Slide the 2 fences out of the way.
Adjust the 8 circles so that they resemble the 4 faces above the door.
Hint: Look at the eyes and make the red triangles point in the same direction.
If correct, you can tap door 49 and exit this level.

Dooor 50:


Use the blue saber light and look at the hint above the dooor.
You need to turn all the dots green, except for the bottom row on each side.
No so easy, but you should manage!
Hint: Work your way from the top down.  Easy enough to make the bottom row white.

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