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The CURSE - Final Puzzle Solution

Here is the Walkthrough and Solution including tips & hints to solve the final numbers puzzle to break & win The Curse!

Well done on solving the 100 puzzles!  Now you are left with the final puzzle (level 101).
You will see the numbers 1 to 10 and under each number is a scrolling wheel where you need to select the correct number.  Looks difficult because there are no instructions!  But, do not fear.

Before you read to much of the below, start by reading the hints.  This is big fun to solve, so do not spoil it for yourself to go straight to the solution.  The below hints will give you a kick start.

The numbers you select correspond to a page or puzzle in the book.

For #1, you need to search for a "1" or something that looks like "1" and then select the page or puzzle number where you found it.  If found, go to #2 and repeat until #10.

There are a limited number of options under each number, so if you are stuck, go and study the pages under that number.

Look at the title page for each number, then look at the puzzle.  Solve the puzzle again and look for a number that stands out.  If you still don't get it, look at the title page of each puzzle and take note of the hand and how it can change to point "1" on puzzle 4, and also "4" on puzzle 35...

If the above hints did not assist enough, here is the solution then from #1 to #10

Scroll down.

Before you read on, try the hints again!

Remember, this will spoil the puzzle for you!











Number #1
Look at puzzle 4.

Number #2
Look at puzzle 36.  Pay attention to the shape of the tangram.

Number #3
Look at puzzle 95.

Number #4
Look at puzzle 35.

Number #5
Look at puzzle 59.

See the number 5 that is green when the puzzle is solved.

Number #6
Look at puzzle 50.

The number 6 gets highlighted when solved.

Number #7
Look at puzzle 54.

Notice the number 7 on the arm.

Number #8
Look at puzzle 21.

The number 8 is hooked into the spaghetti.

Number #9
Look at puzzle 90.

Look at the right ear of the Mannequin.

Number #10
Look at puzzle 70.

When you complete the puzzle, the number 10 lights up and flashes a couple of times!

Well done!  You have broken the curse!

If you enjoyed my walkthrough... please leave a comment.  Have a happy day!


  1. Thank you for your entire walkthrough of this challenging game! Your attention to detail has been invaluable to me... especially the sliding blocks puzzles and circular puzzle # 90. Your clear instructions helped me with about 10 of the puzzles that I frankly didn't want to spend the time sorting out -- so thank you for allowing me to continue to be lazy!

  2. Thank you for your walkthrough of The Curse. Helped me especially with some of the more difficult slide puzzles. There is now an update for the game with additional puzzles. Will you be posting a walkthrough for the new content? Please say yes and soon. I'm stuck already. lol

    1. Thank you! I have started a new post with the solutions!

  3. Ur freaking awesome man...and i was gonna put this one on the back burner..lol tyvm

  4. I thank you my good sir for helping me complete this freaking awesome game. :)

  5. thank you for helping :)

  6. We were stuck on some parts and your walkthroughs help us complete this game after more than a year... thank you very much, you're absolutly brilliant! Thanks from Italy :)