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100 Dooors walkthrough. Levels 31-40.

Walkthrough for 100 DOOORS.  Doors 31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 and 40.
Hints, tips, answers, and the solutions to the dooors puzzles.
Battle to open a door?  Read on!

Dooor 31:
The man doing a hand-stand.

Tilt the tablet to the side, then the red circles will start to go green.   - I had to tilt it so that the hand-stand-man is at the bottom of the screen.  Once all are green, open the door.

Dooor 32:
Spikes and bees!

Tilt the tablet so that the rock goes to the red button. Stop tilting when it is on the button.
Use the fire stick on the beehive.  This will chase the bees away.
Open the door and exit level 32.

Dooor 33:
Rabbit and geese.

Cut the cord with the machete.
Now slide the door according to the pictures above the door!  The rabbit is looking right and the geese is looking left. So slide right, left, left, left, left, right, right.
Exit level 33.

Dooor 34:
Plants and clocks.

Slide the 2 pot-plants out off the way.  
Use the magnifying glass on the hint bottom left of the door.
Now rotate your tablet around and around according to the clock pictures.  This will turn the red circles green.
Once all of them are green, open the door.

Dooor 35:

Light the 2 candles with your fire stick.
Now, build the stacks according to the number of letters in each color above it.
6, 4, 5, 6
Open the door and exit stage 35.

Dooor 36:

Let the ball roll to the right.
Look at the 2 arrows and tap the point where they are pointing to.
Open the door and exit.

Dooor 37:

Lift the earth-globe and take the light saber.  
Use the light-saber and shine on the wall on the arrows.
Hint: Follow the continents and if they are in the southern hemisphere, tap left.  
If they are in the northern hemisphere, tap right.
So, to solve door 37, tap left, right, right, left, right.
Open the door and exit doooor 37.

Dooor 38:

Use the light saber and shine on the wall.
You will see 2 word: Stone and Ball
Move the balls to the "ball" side and the rock to the "stone" side.
When the door indicator turns green, tap the door and exit.

Dooor 39:

Hint: The hint shows big to small.
Hint2: Look at the size of the different colours on the door.
Solution: Tap the color squares from biggest door color to smallest.
So, tap red, green, yellow, blue.
Open the door and exit.

Dooor 40:

Look at the picture above the door.
Slide the door according to the picture.
Not getting it?  Slide the door left, down, right.
Stage 40 completed!

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