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The CURSE Levels 96 - 100

Walkthrough, solutions, tips and hints for 
the last few levels of The Curse!

Levels 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100.

The Curse Puzzle 96 - Lights Out #7 - Hard
You have 14 moves to switch off all the lights:  Here is one possible sequence:

The Curse Puzzle 97 - Hamiltonian #6 - Hard
Make a circuit using every nail.  Is there anybody out there that struggled with these Hamiltonian puzzles?  Do not think so.  If I am mistaken, here is my solution:

The Curse Puzzle 98 - Sliding Blocks #10 - Hard.
These sliding blocks puzzles kept me awake till late at night trying to solve them!  

Remove the Mannequin block.  A screen-print provided every 3 to 7 moves:

Our aim will be to do some housekeeping, the move the 1 horizontal bar to the top.  You will not be able to move the Mannequin pass 2 of the horizontal bars at the bottom.  Once the 1 horizontal bar is at the top, the rest will be easy.

Now we are ready to move the 1 horizontal bar to the top:

Very easy to solve from here on:

Almost done!

Yea!  The Mannequin can move out!

The Curse Puzzle 99 - Burn the rope #8 - Hard

Burn all of the knots level.  Not too hard.

Start just left of the center:

The Curse Puzzle 100 - Cogs.
Once you have solved the 99 puzzles in The Curse, you will have 20 Cogs to place.  Very easy, but if you struggle, see below print.


  1. So what do you do when mannequin says he is going to slow you down and three boards show up on the screen? How do I try out of that "confinement" what's the answer to that test?

    1. knock on the wood 10 times, it should fall. If it gets stuck like mine did, try and restarting the device

  2. what happens after level 100?