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Escape 3D: The Bathroom Walkthrough

Escape 3D: The Bathroom is a very fun room-escape game. 

  Not too difficult and my only complaint would be that some of the scenes are a bit dark that makes spotting the items very difficult.

Here is the full walkthough and solution to solve 
Escape 3D: The Bathroom

You start facing a bathroom sink.  Lets get you out of here in no time!

Move the carpet and pick up the key.
Take the box from next to the sink.
Use the key on the top drawer.
Open the top drawer and take the magazine
Open the middle drawer and take the stick handle
Go right.

Move the shower curtain
Zoom in on the shower head
Take the red wire
Zoom in on the bath
Take the duck
Go right

Take the paper from the bin next to the toilet
Take the black rubber item from behind the toilet
Remove the plug from the basin next to the toilet
Zoom in on the toilet and use the duck to block the outlet.

Flush the toilet
Take the yellow paper from the toilet

Use the stick with the black rubber to make a hammer
Use the hammer on the box in your inventory to open it to reveal bullets.
Insert the bullets into the magazine

Go to the start location.
Use the plug in the sink
Open the tap
Use the dirty paper on the soap next to the sink to wash it clean
Combine the 2 pieces of paper to reveal code 542915
Go to the Bored Painting and remove it to reveal a safe
Use the password paper on the safe

Open the safe and take the gun
Load the magazine into the gun
Go to the bathroom door
Use the gun to shoot the door
Open the door!


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