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100 Missions II - Mission 9 - The Office

100 Missions 2 - Tower Heist -  Mission 9 - The Office
Walkthrough, Solution, Answers, Tips and Hints
(previously named mission 2)

Welcome back Agent!  You need to locate the secret safe and then enter the elevator to win this level.

You start this level in the study.

Go left.

Remove the right-hand-side painting to reveal a safe.

Take the wall clock.

Take the pencil and remote (needs batteries) from the glass table.
Go left.  Take the small handheld statue from the rack.

Go to the study and look at the desk.

Use the pencil on the notepad to reveal the number 1745.

Go to the safe and open with the combination you discovered in the study - 1745.
From the safe, take the swiss army knife and the blank sheet of paper.

Use the clock on the swiss army knife to reveal a duracell battery.  If it does not work, double-tap the knife to change it from closed - to - knife- to screwdriver mode.  Use the battery on the remote to power it up.

Go back to the study and use the remote to open the window shutters.

Go to the window and use the paper on it.  It will reveal the location of the safe.

Go to the safe location.  That will be next to the pot plant at the plug-point in the study.   Use the small statue on the wall here to reveal the safe.

  Look at the safe.  You will see 4 numbers half-covered on the left.  4 8 5 3.  
Use this combination to open the safe.

Take from the safe:  Small handgun and the odly shaped key.

Go to the book rack.  On the left, open the case with the odly shaped key.   
In there, take the silencer and use it on the gun.
Go right to the door.

Use the silenced gun on the door and then on the guards.
Go forward, open the lift and enter.

Great job, agent!


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