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100 Dooors Walkthrough. Dooors 11 to 20

100 Dooors Walkthrough.  Dooors 11 to 20
Solutions, answers, hints, tips, and the walkthrough to complete the doors puzzles.  
Levels 11,12,13,145,15,16,18,18,19, and 20!

Dooor 11:

Use the red knob above the middle door.  Lift the door and exit.

Dooor 12:

The 5 playing card symbols are the hints to solve this dooor.
Note that on the right hand side, the symbols are upside-down.
On the left-side, the middle symbol is missing = white.
Heart and diamond = red.
Club and spade = black.

So, to solve, 
Left: Black, Red, Red.  Right: Red, White, Black.

Dooor 13:

Take the burning stick from the left-side fire.
Tilt the tablet from left to right until all five lights above the door are green.
Open the door.
Use the fire stick on the web.

Dooor 14:

The sign above door 14 is the hint.
Adjust the 6 bars so that they from left to right go from highest to lowest.
Tap on the door to open.

Dooor 15:

Take the cannon ball hidden in the lower left corner.
Place the cannonball at the door.
Light the ball.
Wait for the explosion.
Pull the 2 chains in the order as shown next to the door from top to bottom.
Left, right, left, left, left, right, right.

Dooor 16:

I have tapped and burnt the man lying on the floor but struggled to get the door open!
Then started to flip the table up and down, and this made the red bar above the door go green.
Tap the door while green and it opens.  Exit.

Dooor 17:

Switch off the lights to reveal the letters E and T.  
If the rock is in front of the switch, tilt the table to get it to roll away.

Hint: Count the number of blocks in each letter.
E has 11 blocks. T has 7 blocks.

Adjust the left clock to 11 and the right clock to 7 to open the door.

Dooor 18:

You need to get the golden balls up against the ceiling to open the door.
Double tap each red button to get the ball to go high enough.
Once both balls are at the ceiling, the door will open.

Dooor 19:

Lift the left door to get an orange ball.  Tap the white button.
Lift the right door and tap the white button.
Use the orange against the top middle big light to turn it green.
Open the door by sliding it up.

Dooor 20:

The smoke is there to annoy you.
Turn the circles so that the left side is a mirror image of the right.
Hint: On the left, make all the yellow bits point to the right, then make the yellows on the right point to the right.  Tap the door and if you did it correctly, the door will open!

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