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100 Missions II - Mission 8 - The parking garage.

100 Missions 2

Walkthrough, solutions, tips, and tricks to solve 100 Mission II,

Mission8: The Parking Garage
(previously nammed mission1)

Welcome back Agent!
Blackriver industries is selling classified military technology on the black market.  
Before any action is taken we will need proof of these dealings.    
Accept this mission, infiltrate Blackriver Tower.  
Steal any evidence that verifies our findings, and make your escape.

This was a fairly easy mission.  If you are stuck, the below walkthrough will help you solve this mission.

Mission Start:
Go forward towards the emergency exit door (Green man and arrow pointing to it).    
Pick up the green-arrow-and-man-running-sign. Go back.

Go left.  Note the numbers 3-7-11 on the sign.
At the back of the car, pick up the break-into-a-car-manual.
Go right (back at start).  Then go right again.
Tap at the front passenger side of the white car parked at A-4.
Open the door
Tap in the car.
Tap the medical kit to take the sleeping pills.

Go right until you are at the red car to the left of the boom gate.
Tap at the stairs leading to the gate-guard house.  Then enter
Use the sleeping pills in the guard’s coffee.

Look at the key cabinet.
Take a large car key from the key cabinet.
Take a strip of electrical type that holds the picture on the wall.
Search the sleeping guard and take a common looking metal key.

Go left until you are back at the White car at A-4.  Open the boot.  Take the steel pliers and the car jack.

Go to the black car parked at A2.  Zoom in at the rear.  Use the jack under the car.  Pick up the 2005 minted American Quarter, worth twenty five cents.  Pick up the jack.

Go to the red car 1 screen to the left of the 3-7-11 sign at the lift.
Use the black key on the front door.
Tap under the steering wheel to expose the wires.

Use the pliers on the wires.
Use the strip of electrical type on the wires.
Connect the wires as per the how-to-steal-a-car guide:  
red to blue, yellow to yellow, blue to green, green to red as per below picture:

Climb out of the car.

Move the wooden crate against the wall.
Use the common key on the DB board to open it.
Use the quarters on switch number 3,7 and 11.

Go to the lift.  Will be half-open.

Use the jack on the lift. Jack it open.

Well done Agent.  Mission solved!

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