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The Curse - Puzzle 88 and 89

Walkthrough and Solution for the Curse level 88 - Sliding Blocks #9 - Hard
The answer to puzzle 88 for sliding puzzle no 9 follows.  I have taken a screen print every 4 or 5 moves.  Will be easy for you to fill the gaps.

Get another small block to the top left

Split the bottom 2 small blocks

Now the scene is set to move the pieces clock-wise around 
until the Mannequin block can slide out

And the Mannequin slides out!

Walkthrough and Solution for the Curse level 89 - Draw the Line #6 - Hard
Divide into pairs of red and yellow.  Here is one possible answer:


  1. for the sliding puzzle u did the wrong one there are 3 horizontal bars

    1. Thank you, Angie W, to point out the mistake.
      I have pasted the wrong version. Apologies.

      I have updated the blog with he correct solution.
      Have a wonderful day.