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Killer Escape 2 Walkthrough

Killer Escape 2 Walkthrough
Killer Escape 2 Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on ho to solve this room-escape game.  Tips and hints provided in this guide.  Full explanations to all the puzzles.

About Killer Escape 2:  Killer Escape 2: The Surgery is the second episode in Psionic's horror adventure series. In the first episode, you managed to kill the psychopath who was planning to torture you to death. Now you find yourself in a room with a blood-covered floor and doors to some sort of surgery room.  You can play the free online browser version here.  Game presented by PsioconicGames, FreeWebArcade, and GamezHero.Com.
Warning: This game contains scary scenes - not suitable for children.

Killer Escape 2: The Surgery Walkthrough starts here:

You start at the entrance to "The Surgery".

Enter the surgery.

You are now at the morgue drawers.

Nothing to do here for now, so enter the open door.
As you enter the door... you are captured!

You are sort of saved by the "emergency lock down"

Get up from the chair.
Now you can see the Surgery room.

Look at the chair and take the scalpel
Take the tooth from the table at the chair.
Take the fishing line form the back of the chair.

Look around the desk at the PC.
Take the X-Ray Image behind to the equipment on the left.
Take the photo next to the PC.
Take the newspaper clipping to the right of the desk.
Take the photo against the medical equipment left of the desk.

Zoom in on the venus fly trap below the white xray light.
Take the shark tooth  from the pipes
Take the Xray Image.
Get the safety-pin from the venus trap.   You will now have a line-and-hook.

Take a closer look at the other corner:

Take the dental pliers and a Xray from the bin on the right.

Take the Xray-Image from the floor
Take the photo from the shelf

Look at the white Xray-Light.
Use the  xray images on the light.

The one X-Ray will tell you a key dropped down the drain.
The other one is about a golden tooth being ripped out.

Turn around, then take the 4th Photo from the table with the body covered by a sheet.

Zoom in on the drain cover under the chair
Use the line-and-hook to zoom down into the drain
Use the line-and-hook to grab the key.

You need to time it right to drop the line to hook the key!

Look at the photos
Notice the position of each number: Left = 0, top = 1, right =3, bottom = 2

Zoom in on the PC
Type HELP to get some instructions.

Type the following, as per the photos.  Enter after each line.
Left 0
Top 1
Bottom 2
Right 3

Now the quadrant lock is removed.

Use the system to read about Doc 3, Doc 5, and Doc 100 (patient numbers from the xrays)

Then read the notes. Type KILL to read the next note.  There are 10 different notes.
 You can type exit to go back to the main menu.

Exit the computer

Zoom in on the lift lock next to the locked door.
You need to match the number 4 times.
Numbers 1 to 8 in the top row and 9 to 16 bottom row.  Click the correct square as per the number on display.  You need to be quick.... if you take too long to click or click incorrectly, it reset itself.

Lift lock done!

Do the same with the other lift lock in the room.

Use the dental pliers on the 2 cameras.

Notice the words "open door 1" on the medical equipment:

Use the PC and type "Open Door 1".
Door 1 will now be open.

Exit door 1

You are now in the living quarters

Break the camera with the dental pliers
Look under the sheet!

Use the dental pliers to get the golden tooth.
Look at the corpse's hand and use the scalpel to cut off the finger.

Solve the lift lock above the corpse on the wall next to the door.

Turn around and look at the lockers
Get a newspaper clipping, and notice the numbers 7269 in the lockers from left to right.

Break the camera with the pliers.
Do the lift lock, same as the previous 2.
Take the old piece of paper from the ceiling above the lockers

Use the key to open the door
You are now in the piranha bathroom

Take the newspaper clipping under the piranha
Zoom in on the piranha tank
Give the finger to the piranha

Use the dental pliers to get the snake tooth.

Use the line-and-hook in the toilet to get the wolf fang.
Break the camera above the tank with the pliers
Read the "from hell" letter above the tank

Turn around and look at the keypad
Code is 7269 from the lockers

Insert all the teeth

Press the red button.

Enter the door to the holding cells

Go forward to the lift

All 4 buttons should be green, else you missed a lift lock.

Press the open button above the green lights.
Enter the lift.
The killer will come and try to open the lift doors
Cut her face using the scalpel.  You need to do this a few times.

Well done on a great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


  1. Very helpful, thanks!!!

  2. Replies
    1. The fishing line is at the back of the "dentist" chair.

    2. The fishing line is a little hard to see. First, go to the back of the room with the computer. Then, turn around and face the chair. Now, turn right and look at door one and you will see it on the back of the chair.

  3. it is done ... thank you

  4. How did you figure out the "help" part on the computer?

    1. When in doubt, press F1. I was stuck at the computer and then typed help to get help. I was surprised when it helped! :-)

  5. Thank you. Will there be a nr 3.? From fan in norway

    1. there is a no 3 its alien though

  6. thank u for the help .wud have never completed otherwise.the computer was very difficult

  7. You forgot to put how to get the wolf fang in the toilet

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  9. Oh gosh. Thanks ALOT for the walkthrough, great help - Headached myself with the computer , finna figure out if am missing more items or so. LOL - But this ... woooo`, thanks again!

  10. thanks alot but i could not find the wolf fang for a while but thak you :) is there killer escape 3 ???

  11. the code is not worcking and i can see 3 numbers they are 768 can you tell me

    1. The last digit can be found at the door of the locker. bottom left

  12. How can I turn the red light into green?


  13. after typing the position and number, it is not working

    1. mine 2 is not working.

  14. I can't cut the guys finger off.

    1. Did you try to use the scalple to cut it off?

  15. Ngeri3 wooooooooooh!
    by: Solikah

  16. after i gave the code in computer correctly it is not working.what can i do?

  17. after i gave the code in computer correctly it is not working.what can i do?pls pls pls help me........i have tried many times pls help me.

  18. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.
    Serrurier de Maurepas

  19. Thanks so much. I just found this game and your blog's been really helpful. Thought I'd pass you this information I found from the developer on a thread:

    "The computer has a lot of background info stored on it, asking things like who am i. where am i, who are you etc and things like 'tell me a joke' or why or swearing at it. There are also secret docs in the documents menu, if you type doc 768, doc 666, doc 13 etc (there are seemingly random numbers on the walls around - try them)"

  20. I am a little confused on how to unlock the computer. Are we typing in "0132" or are we waiting until the numbers match up with the pictures? I have been trying to do this for like 10 min.

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