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Horror Hospital Escape Walkthrough

Horror Hospital Escape Walkthrough
Horror Hospital Escape Solution

Walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to escape from the Horror Hospital. Detailed explanations to the puzzles with tips and hints.    A room-escape game from AddictingGames.Com.  You can play the free online version here.

Horror Hospital Escape Walkthrough starts here:

You begin in the white hospital room.

Turn right.

Notice on the typewriter: "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Turn right.

Take the scalpel from the floor.

Go left.
Zoom in on the bed.
Cut the hard pillow open with the scalpel

Take the small key.

Go left and left again till you see the toilet.
Zoom in on the toilet.
Use the key to unlock.

You see the code 2,3,5,6,8
Hint: This series is used in conjunction with the message on the typewriter.
It refers to the first letter of word number x.

So the first letter of the 2nd word = w; the 1st letter of the 3rd word = a;  then p; m; a
The code is: w a p m a

Go left to you get to the combination lock door.
Open with the code wapma

Enter the opened door.  You are in the yellow ward where rooms 101, 102, and 103 are:

Take the lamp.

Enter room 103 on the left.
Turn around till you face the door.
Take the knife from the wall.

Turn around (click the down arrow)

Go forward down the passage.

The lift is on your left.

Go right to enter the grey ward (rooms 201, 202, and 203)

Enter room 202 (in the middle)
Turn around.
Take the bottle of kerosene against the bed

Go back.
Go forward to the blue ward

Take the axe next to the hp real.

Go back all the way till you get to the yellow window.
Take the lighter.

Go back to the blue ward.
Turn right where rooms 301, 302, and 303 are located.

Enter room 303

Zoom in on the lighter.
Light the lighter.

Zoom in on the lamp
Add the kerosene
Add the lighter to make light.

Turn around and you will see the numbers 132 on the wall next to the door.

Go to room 202
Open the toilet
Take the metal lighter.

Zoom in on the metal lighter
Turn it around

You will see the code for the elevator:
mace, helmet, sword
The correct order is mace, sword, helmet (as per the 132 on the wall)

Go to the lift.
Choose the correct 3 symbols (mace, sword, helmet)

Press the lift button
Go back and pick up the rose.

Enter room 302 (blue ward).
Put the rose on the coffin

Take the circular saw.

Go to the 2xx series rooms (grey ward).
Zoom in on the radiator next to room 202.
Take the blade.

Zoom in on the circular saw and insert the blade.

Enter room 203
Click on the loose floor tile.

Use the axe to open
Take the red book.
Zoom in on the red book and take the key.

Go to room 102 in the yellow ward.
Use the key to open the door.

Enter room 102.
Turn around till you see the TV

Use the knife on the X.
Take the pointer.

Zoom in on the bed.
Take the crowbar hidden under the blanket.

Enter room 201.

Zoom in on the panel above the bed.
Use the circular saw to cut open.

You will see the spirit board.
Add the pointer.
It will show the numbers: 2936

Go to the HP Real

Use the crowbar to open the window
Open the hosepipe cover with the code 2936
Click the hose to throw it out the window

Climb down the hose.
You are free!

Well done on a great escape.
Hope you enjoyed my Horror Hospital Walkthrough.

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