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Adorable House Escape Walkthrough

Adorable House Escape Walkthrough

Adorable House Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to escape from the Adorable House.

You start in the lounge:

Take the paper piece from below the pillow on the left side couch
Take the Queen of hearts playing card from the couch on the right.
Take the Jack of hearts playing card from the frame on the left
Take the electronic game toy from the table

Go right to the study

Take the ball from the floor
Take the paper piece from the frame and another paper piece from the shelf on the right.

Look at the calendar:
Flip to the month of August (hint: click on the fruits at the top to flip)

Notice 3 6 8 marked.

Go right to the bedroom

Take the 4th paper piece from the bed

Assemble the 4 paper pieces to get a picture of the lamp.

Zoom in on the lamp next to the bed and switch it on: (hint: you can only switch it on if you did the above step by combining the 4 pictures and looked at the final picture)

Code: GAME

Zoom in on the console game
Password is game

Take the key.

Take the pot from the set of drawers on the right.
Zoom in on the pot and click it to find a piece of paper.
Look at the paper to see a picture of an apple:

Go right to the kitchen

Take the King of hearts playing card from the counter
Open the locked cupboard with the code 368 (from the calendar)
Take the green spray.

Go to the study
Open the drawer using the key

Take the knife.

Zoom in on the ball then use the knife to open

Take the key

Go to the bedroom
Use the green spray on the mirror above the bed
Use the key to open the safe

Take the box
Open the box then take the paper.

Zoom in on the paper then zoom in again
You will see the code 6754

Go to the kitchen and open the cupboard with the code 6754

Take the card

Zoom in on the card and you will see KQJ
Zoom in on each individual card and you will see K = 5, Q = 4, J = 3

Go to the front door in the lounge
Exit with the code 543

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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  1. Loving your pictures and the original and beautiful way you have put your story across - you're an inspiration and I am following your journey - awesome work!