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Escape from the Skyscraper Walkthrough

Escape from the Skyscraper Walkthrough
Escape from the Skyscraper Solution

Full walkthrough with step by step solution to help you solve Escape from the Skyscraper!
This is the 400th escape game from www.123bee.com.  This is an easy/medium difficulty room escape game.

You begin in the TV room:

Nothing to do here (for now), so go left to the master bedroom.

Pick up the tennis ball from the floor.
Move the flower vase on the small side table then take the set of keys.
Open the top drawer of the desk, then take the paper.
Use the keys to open the locked cupboard.  Take the bag and the black CD Cover Book

Open the bag then take the sleeping doze, and chloroform
Open the CD Cover Book and page on until you can take a CD

Go left to the kitchen

Take the bunch of keys above the red refrigerator
Open the refrigerator and take some milk
Take the spoon from on top of the refriderator
Take the knife from the rack on the right.

Zoom in on the stove
Turn on the right plate
Click the gas igniter lying below the fruit bowl to light the plate
Click the pan to move it to the plate
Use the milk next to the pot
Unscrew the milk top
Click the milk to add it to the pot

Switch off the stove.
Click the pot to throw the hot milk into the bowl
Add the seeping doze pills
Stir with the spoon
Take the bowl of milk

Go right then enter the bathroom

Use the knife to free the girl

Go back right to the TV room.
Zoom in on the man
Use the chloroform
Take the cap off
Spray the chloroform

The man will now be asleep.

Zoom in on the TV
Press the CD buttons to get it open
Insert the CD into the player
Press the remote to close the player...

The TV will show an arrow with a secret...

Zoom in on the dog
Place the milk
Throw the ball at the dog

He will drink some...
and fall asleep.

Click the dog to move it.
Take the golden key and open the compartment.

Take the chest.
Open the chest using the golden key
Take the note from inside.

Read the note:

BEE Escape

Zoom in on the digital lock next to the door
Use the code BEE ESCAPE
(Hint: Must be all capital letters as per the note)

The door will open...
and you have made a brilliant escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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