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Escape the Zoo Walkthrough

Escape the Zoo Walkthrough
Escape the Zoo Solution

Full walkthrough for Escape The Zoo with the complete solution in this step-by-step guide.  Pictures with tips and hints.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  This will help you escape the zoo alive!

About Escape The Zoo:  Escape the zoo is a point-n-click based puzzle game from flasharcadegamessite.  After taking a short break you now find yourself trapped and locked in with a bunch of wild animals.  Use your mouse to examine the enclosures that house the lions, giraffe, monkeys and hippopotamus for any objects or items that will prove useful in unlocking the electronic gates.  Good luck!   If you are stuck, then this walkthrough is the right place for all the help you need!

Escape the Zoo Walkthrough starts here -->

You start in on the inside, at the gate, of Oak Park Zoo.

You can read the sign next to the gate.  The sign at the gate says "Closed 2000-277'
Well, do the math and you get 2000 - 277 = 1723

Go right, then right again to the Lion display.

Move the pram, then take the $5 bill.

Go left to the restrooms.

Enter the $5 bill in the POP vending machine.
You will get a zoo token in the return slot.  Take it.

Go left all the way to the zebras.

Use the token on the animal food dispenser.
Take the animal food.

Left to the giraffes

Feed the giraffe on the right the animal food.
Take the blue crystal from its neck.

Go to the reptiles.

Open the red box behind the bench with the code from the gate display: 1723

Take the wrench.

Go to the restrooms.
Enter the ladies.
Use the wrench to unbolt the toilet paper dispenser box.

Take the silver key from inside.

Exit the bathroom, then go to the monkey display.

Look at the position of the monkeys.
From left to right: middle, bottom, middle, top, bottom.

Go right to the food & drink house.

Unlock the door using the silver key.

Take the flower
Look at the soda colors: green, blue, red, yellow.
Open the box on the microwave, by sliding the sliders according to the monkeys:
middle, bottom, middle, top, bottom
Take the black key.

Go left to the Hippo.
Give the flower to the hippo.
Take the second blue crystal.

Go to the Reptile house.
Use the black key to open the door.
Remove the grates and search for the screwdriver.  (Hint: the frog display grate)

Exit, then go to the monkey display.

Open the silver box on the left using the same colors from the soda:
 green, blue, red, yellow.

Take the third blue crystal.

Go to the restrooms and enter the mens.
Open the toilet paper box using the screwdriver.

You will see the Roman numerals: CCXXXVII. (Hint: You can zoom in to see the numerals better)
If you convert this to decimal you will get 237

Go to the front gate.

Open the silver door with the code 237
Flip all the switches up

Take the golden key

Enter the reptile house.
Open the door using the golden key

Insert the 3 blue crystals in the grey boxes in the center
The green light will go on, so the gate is unlocked!

Go to the front gate
The gate will be open


Congratulations on the great escape!

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.

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