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Must Escape the Fortress Walkthrough

Must Escape the Fortress Walkthrough
Must Escape the Fortress Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step-by-step instructions on how to escape the fortress.  The King and his army have left for battle and you have fallen asleep in the stables and were left behind!  Now... You must escape the fortress!

Must Escape The Fortress Walkthrough starts here:

You start the adventure in the stable.

Look in the hay on the left and pick up the cog.

Go forward through the door.

Take the breadcrumbs from the wagon.

Go left.

Pick up the crowbar under the tree
Give the breadcrumbs to the crow.  He will drop a key.  Pick up the silver key.

Go left.

Click the shield of the knight to move it.
Take the hammer from the knight.

Go left.

Use the crowbar to open the chest.
Take the emerald sword.
Use the silver key to unlock the door.

Enter the door.

Take the dagger from the table.
Move the box of hay to see the code II V IV
Open the cupboard with this code: 2 5 4

Take the black key.

Go left and left again to the Knight.

Enter the small entrance on the left.

Use the dagger to cut the vines
Insert the cog
Click the lever
Unlock the two doors using the black key.

Enter the left door.

Pick up the small shovel from the hay
Enter the right door.

Use the shovel on the dirt.  Then take the green gem.
Use the hammer on the crack on the left wall.  Take the ruby sword.

Use the gem on the door:

Enter the center door

Go right

Study the patterns of triangles on the desk.
From left to right, the 90degree angle is:
bottom left, top right, top left, top right, top left, bottom right.

Open the brown chest in the book shelf on the left using the above triangle codes.

Take the white key.

Open the big door using the white key.

Open the face mask of the knight on the left.
Take the blue key.

Go left.
Unlock the door with the blue key and enter

Remove the white papers from the 4 boxes to see 4 patterns:
Triangle, star, circle, triangle

Click on the sword in the center and open with the same pattern.

Take the diamond sword.


Enter the center door.

Place the 3 swords in the left, same order as the swords on the right.

A chest will fall down onto the throne.
Take the chest.

Open the chest with the colors from the sword:  Blue Green Red

Take the golden key.

Exit.  Exit to outside.

Go right to the crow scene.
Unlock the door with the golden key.

Forward March!

You escaped the fortress.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough

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  1. Great Walkthrough. Thank you sir Knight.