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Darker Ride Escape Walkthrough

Darker Ride Escape Walkthrough
Darker Ride Escape Solution

Full walkthrough solution with step by step instructions on how to escape the Darker Ride.  Detailed explanations to all the puzzles.  If you are stuck, then this guide will help you all the way.

About Darker Ride Escape:  Darker ride escape is a point-and-click room escape game.  Find a way out of the locked fairground ride before you suffer a fatal heart attack at the sight of all the unspeakable horrors.  Use your mouse the examine the area, collect useful objects and add them to your inventory.  Try not to let the spooky mannequins scare you silly!  Play the online flash version here.  A MouseCity game.

Darker Ride Escape Walkthrough starts here -->

You start in the power room.

Notice the room number.  This is room 1.  Each room has a number.

Go left through the various displays:





At display 5, take the green key from the wooden panel, 3rd from the top on the left side.

Go back to room 1 (the power room)
Open the power box using the green key.
Switch on number 10 (follow the UV line!).

Go to the other displays.



At display 7, zoom in on the puzzle that is laying on the floor on the left.
Complete the puzzle:

Look at the big stars: Green, Blue, Purple (note: yours might be different)




Notice the number on the wall under the UV Light.  The number is showing because you switched it on at the power box.  Note: this number can be different when you play.  For me the number is 199.

Go to display 2 and open the toolbox with this code.

You will get a blue key and screwdriver.

Go to the last display (11)

Take the mop.

Go to display 6.
Use the mop to clean up the oil in the bottom right corner.

You will see code 01943:  (Again, you might get a different code)

Go to display 11
Open the locker with code 01943

You will get a hammer.

Go to display 8.
Open the cabinet using the blue key.

You will get a wooden box.
Use the hammer on the wooden box.
You will get a switch.

Go to room 1.
Look inside the power box.
Insert the switch
Switch the fan off.

Go to display 5.
Use the screwdriver on the fan.

Click on the fan
You will get a piece of paper and a purple key

Go to display 9.
Use the purple key to unlock the tombstone.
You will get another piece of paper.

Use the one half of the note on the other.
Look at the combined note:

(Your code might be different)

Go to display 11
Zoom in on the panel that you unlocked earlier for the hammer.
Adjust the buttons as per the note.  Hint: White dot on the note must be yellow on the panel.
And adjust the 3 stars as per the puzzle.  Hint: There are a light and a dark blue, choose the correct one!

You will hear the door unlock if you are correct.

Exit the panel
Click on the double-doors to win!

Well done on a great escape out of the dark ride!
Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough.


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