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Celebrity House Escape Walkthrough

Celebrity House Escape Walkthrough
Celebrity House Escape Solution

The full walkthrough solution for the room-escape game: Celebrity House Escape.  Detailed explanations with help, tips, and hints on how to solve all the puzzles.  If you are stuck then this guide will assist you to escape alive.

Celebrity House Escape Walkthrough Starts Here:

You start in the lounge.

Take the walking hand stick on the left, next to the big flower vase.
Take a CD Cover from the left-most bottom drawer.
Take the cello tape from behind the frame on the shelf.

Zoom in on the CD
and notice the code 1950.

Go right to the bedroom.

Open the drawer on the left, then take the piece.
Take the screwdriver from the drawer under the closet.
Open the drawer next to the bed with the code 1950, then take another piece.
Take the red flower from under the big pillow on the bed.

Zoom in on the flowery-pillows on the bed.

Count the yellow flowers: 1 1 1
(Not sure why the yellow flowers?!)

Open the locked closet door with the code 111 then take the piece.

Go right to the dining room.

Take the flower vase from the table
Zoom in on the flower vase, then use the walking stick to retrieve a key from inside.
Notice the number 54 on the white-flower-paining.
Take the Stanley knife cutter from the red drawer.

Go right to the master bedroom.

Take the red flower from under the sheet on the floor.
Zoom in on the socket plug next to the bed.  Use the cutter to cut the wire.
Use the cello tape on the wire to repair.
Use the screwdriver to fix the socket back.
Click on the plug to insert it into the socket:

Open the drawer next to the bed with the code 54, then take the flower from inside.
You should now have 3 red flowers.

Go left to the dining room.
Zoom in on the green-and-red flower picture.
Insert the 3 red flowers (hint, each flower has its right place, so if a flower does not fit, try another slot).
When all 3 are in, the secret compartment will open

Take another piece.

Go left twice to the lounge.
Open the locked bottom drawer using the key
Take the 5th piece.

Go to the master bedroom.
Zoom in on the blue piece markings above the bed.
Insert the 5 pieces

Take the golden key.

Go right all the way to the lounge.
Zoom in on the red door.
Use the golden key to unlock the door.

Well done on a great escape!
Hope you enjoyed my little walkthrough

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